Opinion: Plans to remove Springbok emblem are ridiculous

Here we go again. This is not the first time that there have been attempts to remove the Springbok emblem from South African Sport.

Butana Komphela (Sports Portfolio Committee Chairman) told delegates at a 2 day National Sports Indaba in Durban, South Africa that “The Springbok divides us. We have a responsibility to unite our country on one national emblem”.

This is absolutely ridiculous. South Africa has been a democracy for the past 14 years and the emblem is not a dividing factor.

Springbok Emblem

The Springboks won the World Cup in 1995 in South Africa and in 2007 in France wearing Springbok jerseys. The emblem has been used for over a 100 yrs.

The Springbok Emblem is well-known and respected

The World knows the South African National Rugby Team as the “Springboks” or “Bokke”. The whole of South Africa was behind the team last year. Everyone in the country put on green for 1 day, not just white South Africans, ALL South Africans.

Retail outlets couldn’t keep up with demand for Springbok jerseys, the French authorities had their hands full with people who wanted to fly to Paris, France for the World Cup Final.

This proves that the emblem is not a dividing factor, but indeed a popular emblem and a unifying factor in South Africa.

In my opinion, Politics should stick it’s nose someplace else and actually focus on the real issues that need attention in South Africa, like Crime, AIDS, housing and job creation.

Shame on those who want to remove this emblem, this will divide our country, not unite us. Don’t be surprised if people stop watching rugby in South Africa and stop going to Springbok games out of protest against this, the possibility of something like that happening is there, there will be a public outcry against this.

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  1. donald


  2. wilma

    If they want to change the SPRINGBOK name….then what about BAFANNA BAFANNA’S name!!!! and they cant even qualify…if they want attention in 2010 for BAFANNA BAFANNA this is not the right way do down grade the BOKKE!!!!THEY HAVE EARNED THEIR NAME A LONG TIME AGO AND PROVED IT!!!!

  3. PitwallAntix

    Whats next … I can agree with a unifying emblem being used for all sports in South Africa, but SURELY the geniuses that run this lovely democratic nation should consider using the ONLY emblem that has managed to bring pride to this country … so instead of wanting to do away with the Springbok, why not use it as the unifying emblem on all national teams … but then all the cricket lovers will be screaming to retain the Protea emblem … we are damned if we do and damned if we dont … but the theory still stands: The Springbok Logo is the ONLY logo in our national sports arena that has brought great pride to the nation as a whole!!!!

  4. runningwolfsa

    PitwallAntix – I agree with you. It seems that the heat has died down a bit from that suggestion though, let’s hope it stays that way

    Wilma – The Boks don’t have to prove anything, you’re right. Too bad that some people are too narrow minded to realize that

    Donald – Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen, but maybe that’s the answer too

    Thank you all for your comments

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