SSL Certificate: How does it secures an Online Business?

The security of an online business is the foundation from which its success in the market can take wings. E-commerce businesses are mushrooming all over with the emergence of the digital era. This shift in doing business has also brought about a change in the way criminals earn their profit.

The term cybercriminal is so common that it seems almost synonymous with digitalisation. The innovative ways in which they violate the security of e-commerce businesses is alarming. But thanks to their innovation, there is no dearth of techniques that are created to tackle these security issues.

SSL Certificate

Of all the security measures that has cropped up, the effectiveness of SSL certificate shines bright. For those unaware about SSL certificates here is a small explanation.

SSL is the abbreviation of the term Secure Sockets Layer.  As the name suggests it laces a company’s network with security.

How does it work?

It is important to understand that SSL is actually a cryptographic technique that exchanges a symmetric key to establish a safe and encrypted connection. This connection is established between a server and a client. This encrypted connection keeps all private information confidential while it travels across the web from source to client.

How does a SSL Certificate secure an E-commerce Business?

1. Information Security:

It is needless to explain the importance of keeping company data safe of an online business. An online portal that has an SSL certificate installed is free from the threat to their sensitive information. Company information, when it reaches the wrong hands can really bring about a lot of trouble for a budding business. The case becomes worse if company information of an established business is leaked out because when compared with a small company, the amount of security breached of a large organisation is huge and unmanageable.

The very essence of an SSL certificate makes sure that any overlooked loophole in the company’s security does not become an overblown or out-of-proportion affair. It makes sure that company data never reaches a potential cybercriminal. This helps the company to focus on building the company without a care about a threat to its security.

2. Safe Transactions:

An e-commerce business is all about secure financial transactions. Customers look for e-commerce transactions that assures them financial safety. A misuse of credit card details, username and password is not uncommon in the e-commerce world. Cyber criminals if they have unrestricted access to every customer’s details can create financial havoc in their pockets.

Installing an SSL Certificate makes sure that a customer’s financial details are kept out of reach from cyber criminals.

3. Keeps Away Imposters:

E-commerce companies usually have customers leaving their personal details online. It is an important part of e-commerce business.

However, customer information if left unguarded can cause a lot of harm to both the company and the customer. Any person can use these details as an imposter and create trouble.

This will not only make customers lose trust in the company’s security policy but also make the company seem incapable of being in the e-commerce market. An online platform with a SSL Certificate keeps customer information safe and with it the reputation of the business.

4. Google Ranking:

The presence of a SSL certificate do not only aid in keeping a company network secure but also aids in boosting its reputation in the market. How?

Well, Google ranks businesses that have a certificate higher than those who do not have one. If one has a budding e-commerce business that has potential, an absence of a SSL Certificate will make that potential worthless. Potential matters but more than potential what matters is a company’s ability to secure itself and its customer’s security.

5. Customer’s Trust:

Taking the concept of security a little further, it can be rightly said that a certificate helps in building consumers trust. People like to business with an association that they can trust.

An online portal that has the security of a SSL Certificate makes it easy to gather customer trust. This helps in building their business and increase loyal patrons.

How do customers make out if a company has a SSL Certificate?

A company that has a SSL certificate displays a HTTPS instead of a HTTP on their website. This helps everyone accessing the page know if a particular website has a SSL Certificate.

An SSL Certificate is important for every e-commerce company. It is also important for customers who uses e-commerce platforms extensively. Security is one factor when breached can create havoc in an organisation.

There are two main ways by which one can install a SSL certificate. One is by using a private domain and the other by using a shared domain.

It is important that an e-commerce business research on what works for an individual company. Many companies do well with a private SSL Certificate while there are others that do well with shared ones. It is not enough to install a SSL Certificate. One should install a certificate that is tailor-made for a company’s needs.

Secure a company with this tried and tested essence of SSL and help it soar the heights of success.

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