Review: Stone Cradle Festival 2012


The Stone Cradle festival at Stone Cradle (Rietvlei Damn) exceeded my expectations but that is not saying much when I had low expectations to begin with!

They had a great line-up for the two day festival including acts like Die Heuwels Fantasties, aKING and Johhny Clegg. The set up is perfect for a festival and the stage,lights and sound were all top class. But in the future I truly hope they invest in an MC that actually knows what he is doing. As far as security goes, I would be very angry if I had to pay R200 for a golden circle ticket but in the end anybody could walk into that area.

And I would be equally annoyed if I got to my R200 section and still had to carry my own chair around! Stone Cradle is truly a perfect venue for this kind of event and it could have been much bigger had they marketed the event better. If it was not for the constant tweeting from Die Heuwels Fantasties, chances are I would not have know of the festival. They did on the other hand offer great park and ride facilities, transporting fans up the steep hill by bus.

I truly hope the Stone Cradle Festival returns next year, but only if they learn from their mistakes this year!


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