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“Stop the bullying” says Korn’s Jonathan Davis


Humans can be assholes, I’m a green cow and I can tell you that humans can be assholes to fellow humans and animals. Not that I’m any better, I eat hamburgers, drink Fokof Lager and eat all the grass I can, but what I’ve seen more and more is people being bullies. You think you are so superior, so let the legend Jonathan Davis tell you as well – we will not be let down by your ego. Freaks do it best.

More and more people are complaining that their bosses are picking on them. 50% of the time it might just be a complaint, a bad day for both parties. But the other 50% might be true that the boss is picking on that person. And don’t forget school. I know my human was picked on in school especially high school – she wasn’t cool enough, her parents was divorced (back then it was an issue in a small town), and anything the bullies could find they used it against her.

Until one day she stood up for herself. She told them basically to fuck off, that they live in their own bubble and don’t think that she and her mom might be struggling financially. That wearing the latest label doesn’t make you a fashion icon it makes you a sheep. But does take its toll one a person. But you hear horrible stories of teens commenting suicide because of bullies. Social media is actually a fucking demon, you can fight it but it can destroy you in heartbeat. Think on how quickly the videos spread of what happened at Rage at Plett.

Anyway, the point of this article is to tell you about an awesome thing frontman of Korn, Jonathan Davis, just started. Kids if you don’t know who Korn is, then its time you learn. Korn is certainly a different kind of band who continue to fight against the system with songs like “Faggot”, “All Ya Want A Single”, “Freak on a leash”, etc.

Jonathan is not shy to speak out. In 2015 he did a whole campaign about being diabetic (because his son has diabetes) to show that anyone, no matter body weight, can get it. Now he is tackling a more serious matter – bullying and suicide. The two subjects walk hand in hand.

In the USA they have American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Stomp Out Bullying, two programs that help spread the preventive word. Last mentioned has a string of celebrities supporting this cause and they fight both bullying and cyber-bullying. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention does that, they educate people about depression and they try to prevent these people from committing suicide. They also support families who have lost a family member to suicide.

You won’t believe how big this issue is around the world. You might think why should you help them? Well, do you know of a friend who has taken their own life or has someone who has depression of any kind? That’s why.

Knowing Jonathan you can expect his special, limited edition T-shirt to be as unique as the man himself. “Freaks do it better” t-shirts are still available for the next 14 days (in counting) at $26,99 per shirt. On the website it states that “Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of the band Korn has long fought issues with bullying and abuse for being ‘different’. This kick-off design of the #BeDifferent brand shows that it’s okay to be a freak, an outcast or just a tiny bit normal / abnormal.”

If I had around R400 for the shirt I would buy one. Hell, it’s a cool design and why stare at a problem just to ignore it? This special edition t-shirt is available online only at merchful.com.

So this cow’s message is that you are special, you are a freak and that is okay. Feeling down? Know there are people you can talk to. In South Africa there are plenty of help out there – Suicide Crisis Line, Tears Foundation, Life Line. And for bullying check out JAG Foundation.

In case you did not know, Korn’s new album entitled “The Serenity of Suffering” was released in 2016, so make sure that you check that out too.

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  1. JD does not have diabetes. The Rallysong campaign was for his son Zeppelin. His son has type 1 diabetes.


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