STRAB 2019: 7 acts you should check out

STRAB 2019 is happening next week at Ponta Malongane in Mozambique. Today I’m featuring 7 acts you should check out if you’re making your making there.

STRAB is short for “Sub-Terrenean Rhythm and Blues”. It’s a play on the Bob Dylan song with a similar sounding name. STRAB started in 2004 and it wasn’t really a music festival at first. A bunch of musos were invited to provide entertainment to divers.

STRAB 2019

The divers were taking advantage of one of the coolest diving spots in Southern Africa and were quite bored when they had finished diving for the day. Enter live music entertainment from artists like Piet Botha and Jack Hammer. The rest is history.

The 15th edition of STRAB is happening from 22 to 25 May this year and the limited amount of tickets for this festival have already sold out. This year’s line-up is truly incredible and if you’re lucky enough to have tickets, you’re definitely in for a treat.

If you’re one of the lucky ones and you’re not sure who to watch this year, don’t freak out. I’ve made a list of must-watch artists for you…

Here are 7 acts you should check out at STRAB 2019

1. Piet Botha

No visit to STRAB is complete without witnessing a performance by the South African Rock and Blues Legend. He’s have you reminessing about life in no time.

Piet Botha

2. Die Horries

This kick-ass rock ‘n roll band from Pretoria will have you rocking out in no time. I recently watched them live at JARR Bar and they completely blew me away (for a second time). Polish your bare feet so long boys and girls.

Die Horries

3. Pedro Barbosa

This Pretoria-based Mozambique-born musician recently won the award for Best Love Song for his song “Crazy Love Is” in an International Songwriting competition.

Pedro Barbosa
Photo by Keshli Lindemann

Pedro Barbosa was also a finalist in 3 other categories in the competition. It goes without saying that he’s definitely someone you should check out at STRAB 2019.

4. Son of Hawk

This rock band was formed in Jeffrey’s Bay in 2017 by Heine Van Der Walt (Boargazm) and a few of his friends. They blew everyone away at Oppikoppi 2018 and will most likely be blowing you away at STRAB 2019. Don’t miss their set!

Son Of Hawk

5. Willim Welsyn Band

This Bellville rocker is returning to STRAB this year and he’s always fun to watch live. His lyrics are intelligent and catchy and he knows how to rock out.

Willim Welsyn - Herfsheks

6. Hellcats

It’s the first time that Haedes’ Felines (AKA Hellcats) will be making their way to STRAB. They’ve opened for acts like The Cure, Incubus and Seether and now they are on their way to conquer Ponta Malongane.


Their debut album was recently nominated in the Best Rock Album category at SAMA25. Their live sets are never disappointing so make sure that you don’t miss them.

7. The Black Cat Bones

The first time I watched these blokes live was at STRAB in 2009 and they blew me away. They’ve come a long way since then and they’re still rocking out. They released a new studio album in 2018. It was also nominated for Best Rock Album at SAMA25.

STRAB 2019: 7 acts you should check out 1

Well, there you have it, 7 acts you should check out at STRAB 2019. I trust that you find this list useful. If you want more info about the festival, check out the STRAB Facebook page.

Check out the photo below to see what you’ll be missing out on if you’re not going…


In case you were curious, here’s the full line-up for STRAB 2019

Dino Miranda, The Steezies, Akkedis, Zebra, Naaartjie, DJ Beach De Beer, Piet Botha, Kenny Hughes, Fishwives, Erik Holm, Hollow Body, Tim Parr, Roxton met Herki, Collobarator / Riaan Nieuwenhuis, Sea of Green, Jake Gunn, Die Horries, Calling Kingston, Strait Jackal, Shotgun Tori and the Hounds, LA Fires, Nick Turner, Pedro Barbosa, Greg Georgiades, Big Shoes, Son of Hawk, Gunshot Blue, Crystal Park, Bad Peter, Willim Welsyn Band, Hellcats, The Renegades, Miss Heidi & The Bar Room Bandits, Ann Jangle, Ciny Alter, Bad Luck & Trouble, Albert Frost, Auldfield (Robin Auld & Wendy Oldfield), Nhoza, The Black Cat Bones, Jack Hammer, Black Water and The Fake Leather Blues Band.

If you’re going to STRAB 2019, you can still catch a little bit of the pre-party fever this coming Saturday (the 18th of May 2019) at JARR Bar in Pretoria. Road to STRAB Vol. 2 is happening there.

Road To STRAB Vol 2

Jake Gunn, Stean Van Der Walt, The Fake Leather Blues Band, Son of Hawk and Bad Peter will be performing. The party starts at 3 PM and R60 gets you in. Click here for more info.

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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