Students Essays: How to Earn Money by Writing

The average salary for a writer in the U.S. is $24.54 per hour. It’s an attractive career for people who are interested to work for home, or those who want to travel the world while maintaining a stable source of income.

But for writers who want to earn more money, there’s a better option: offering assignment help to students. The custom essay writing industry is thriving. Students from all around the world are getting their papers online, and that’s the shocking truth about today’s educational system.

It works for both sides. The students get the help they need, and the writers get the jobs they deserve.

Are you interested in the ways you can earn money as a college essay writer? We have the information you need.

Student Essays

First, Understand What the Job Calls For

There are two types of writing services on the market:

1. The ones that work according to the bidding principle. These sites are similar to freelancing platforms, where the student gets in the role of a client, and the writers apply to gigs. Such a website is good for those who don’t hold postgraduate degrees. If you have general interests and you’d like to try yourself in this industry, it’s a good start.

However, you should keep in mind that these are not the best agencies. Students don’t trust them, since the writers there are not experts. So the ones who use bidding sites expect really low prices. You won’t be able to reach a good price there.

2. The “real” writing services are different. These companies hire a team of well-educated writers, which are usually required to hold MA or PhD degrees. The good thing about an assignment service of this type is that you don’t have to bother with competing and bidding. You just do your work really well, and the service gives you orders that are relevant to your education experiences.

When you work for this type of writing service, you can earn up to $60 per page of content, depending on the agency, type of project, deadline, and quality level.

Find the Best Writing Services for Student Essays

If you’re sure that you want to work as an academic writer, you’ll need to find a really good agency to work for. We’ll give you important tips on how to do that.

1. Start with a simple online search, just to explore the writing industry. Check what these websites offer. Go through their lists of services, and read the samples if available. You want to work for a high-quality agency, which delivers great content for its customers. That’s a guarantee for a regular workflow. Students trust top agencies, so that’s what you want to focus on.

2. Go through some online reviews. That’s the first thing a student does before ordering papers online. They want to get their social proof. They will go to the service that regularly gets positive feedback from its customers. That’s the kind of service you want to work for. As an example, here are few writing service that maintain good reputation in the industry:

3. Search for a website with a bit higher prices. You deserve at least $17 per page for the longest deadlines. Contact the team of the agency to see how much the writers actually earn. The prices you see at the website are for the customers. The writers pay fees, so they don’t get the full price.

4. Contact the support team. The most reputable writing agencies have 24/7 support for their customers. This system should also work for writers who are willing to join the team. Contact the support to ask if they accept new writers, and they will direct you further.

5. Search for the “Write for Us” section. If there’s such a page at the website, it will give you basic information about the expectations the writers are supposed to meet.

Be Ready to Invest a Lot of Effort

This is not the type of industry where you get in and earn easy cash. It requires work, and a lot of it! On average, an essay of 1000 words takes more than three hours to write.

Maybe you’re faster at writing. But keep in mind that academic writing is not even similar to blogging or article writing. You have to conduct thorough research and support your arguments with facts. That takes time and commitment.

There are few things to keep in mind if you want to succeed in this industry:

1. Plagiarism is not allowed. There are some services that offer rewriting or paraphrasing services. But those aren’t the good ones. The really reputable agencies solely offer custom-crafted content. It works like this: you take the instructions provided by the student and you start from scratch. Of course you’re allowed to use sources. But you’ll have to locate authoritative ones, and you’ll have to reference them.

2. Speaking of references, you’ll need to master different citation styles. From Harvard to MLA to APA to Turabian, you’ll have to learn all the rules. That’s not too hard, and the agency will most likely provide some training.

3. It’s not just about essays. You should also know how to write research papers, case studies, article reviews, and all other types of content in your area of study. If you’re a PhD writer, you’ll also be required to write thesis and dissertations chapters.

4. The best services guarantee free revisions. What does this mean for you? If the student doesn’t like the content you complete, you’ll need to revise it. And you’ll need to do it as many times as necessary, until the client is happy with the content. Be ready for that!

5. You have to organize your time really well. When you work as a writer without having an actual office, you’ll be flexible with the working hours. But the students will set deadlines, which you’ll be obligated to meet. You need a very efficient time management system that allows you to complete as much work as possible throughout the day. But you still need your free time!

This is an attractive, but also very demanding industry. If you’re a great writer with academic writing skills, it will work for you.

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