The Subways on stage @ Jose Cuervo #PartyAnimals


On the 22nd of November I made my way to Town Hall in Newtown to catch the Subways, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and a few top South African acts at one of the most memorable parties of the year on the Johannesburg social calendar. Most of you have probably heard by now that my Samsung Galaxy S3 was stolen at one point during the night and whether this was the work of a very sneaky thief or my own wrong doing is still a mystery, but the level of epicness for the party definitely made up for that.

The Subways were supposed to play on an outside stage, but a good old-fashioned Johannesburg thunderstorm prevented them from doing that, so they moved their set to a smallish room (much to the delight of their die-hard fans). The atmosphere inside the jam-packed room was electric and reminded me of the club that they played in the film “Rocknrolla”. The crowd rocked out to the max during their entire set. The highlight of the set was definitely when they played “Rock ‘n Roll Queen” and the lead vocalist executed an amazing stage dive into the middle of the crowd from some stairs on the side of the stage. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Because there was no media pit for the inside stage, I only managed to squeeze off a few shots of The Subways from behind the stage. This was one of them (and it has been selected as today’s Daily Cool Photo). I really hope this band come back to South Africa soon, they really blew me away.

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