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Superheroes Have Issues Too!


We live in the 21st Century and lately everyone has issues. You can could argue that women have more issues than men (thanks to women’s logic), you could also argue that there are is a LOT more medication than there was in the 20th Century or you could also argue that nothing was really childproof when our generation was growing up so we have an excuse for not having issues. The fact remains that issues are NOT decreasing.

When I was growing up we didn’t have World of Warcraft addictions, Twightards (people who have watched or read Twilight too much), Beliebers (fans of that little twerp Justin Bieber), Twerking (something that could only be invented by that retard Miley Cyrus), child proof tomato sauce bottles (something that I still find ridiculous to this day), hipsters (a group of individuals that I still don’t have a proper definition for) and a whole range of other issues that were invented in the first 13 years of this century.

What we had were people who opted to wash the sand out of their vagina after they played on the beach, people who grew up with proper pop music, (not the crap you hear on the commercial radio nowadays), girls that were less full of crap and people who chose to go over to their friends houses instead of chatting to them on Facebook. Yes, I know times have changed, and yes I love Facebook (I mean I have to, I’m on it 8-12 hours a day for work and for communication), but the point is, less people were full of shit when I was growing up than now. It’s insane nowadays, even Superheroes have issues too, just check out the photo below and you’ll see what I mean

So, my point is, the next time you think you have an issue that’s not really something that could be life threatening or something that kill everyone on the planet, keep it to yourself, we have enough issues in the world today, we don’t need ANOTHER meaningless issue that no one cares about.

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