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Superman, Batman and Spiderman on iPhones


Today is Friday, and I think it would be sweet and fitting to end off this monster of a work week on a lighter note. Most of you reading this blog have heard either heard of superheroes, tried acting like superheroes or some of you might even be superheroes in disguise. Some of you reading you this are Apple iPhone users, some are wannabe Apple iPhone users and some don’t like Apple at all. Point is, if you’re geeky you will probably find this funny as hell. Thanks to my good friend a fellow photographer @Dominique_cat for pointing this out to me on Facebook.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Be on the lookout for regular post updates in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant. There are plenty of posts featuring Funny Pictures and Funny Clips, feel free to check them out. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here, so feel free to comment on anything that you might find interesting.


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