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The Tazers Release Video for “Shake It”


The Tazers played a kick-ass show at That 70s Fest (a one day music festival organized by their members) on the 29th of April 2017. I made sure that I did not miss that show, but it seems that I missed something because my focus was on the festival…

The band finally released their music video for “Shake It” on the 25th of April. The song was the first single off their Love Machine EP (which was released in February 2017). This song with its catchy melodies, cheeky lyrics & blues driven grooves has already reached airwaves on national radio stations and on internet based radio stations like The Grind Radio. It’s a wild, frenetic, but deeply rhythmic track that sees the band briefly revisit their musical origins.

The video features Mika Hardy and was shot by Frans Borman and directed by Bradley Roberts. Sarah Payne was the Art Director for the video and Lauren Mitchell was in charge of projections. Daniella Mazza did the make up. The video was edited by Bradley Roberts and Tim Edwards (the band’s drummer).

Mark my words, this is an awesome video. If you don’t believe me, check it out below and crank it up (if you love rock ‘n roll and you haven’t heard the song):

If you’d like to get more familiar with their music, crank up The Tazers tunes on Soundcloud NOW or buy their EPs on iTunes.

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