5 Ways How Technology Is Transforming The Cannabis Industry

The things we can do with technology these days would have seemed unfathomable one hundred years ago. This world would seem nothing but magical to someone from the past, and sadly, we are often immune to this magic and the efficiency we now enjoy daily.

With the touch of a button, we can have the food, clothes, furniture, tools, gadgets, and any other thing we can wish for right at our door. Technology has transformed every aspect of our life, so it’s no wonder that this powerhouse is also changing the cannabis industry.

Thanks to technology, both cannabis manufacturers and cannabis consumers can enjoy advantages like never before. The following are the top five ways technology is helping to change the industry.

Buying cannabis online has never been easier

With the legalization of medical marijuana and CBD in certain countries, buying this natural compound has never been more accessible. The fact that many online stores are offering cannabis-based products makes it even more advantageous for the consumer.

Nowadays, you can conduct thorough research online and find the right strain for you, whether it is indica weed or sativa. There are various edibles you can choose from, scented balms, bath bombs, and oils. Some brands even offer consumers the opportunity to mix their blends for custom made products. So it comes as no surprise that the cannabis industry is booming, and demand has risen.

Growing Cannabis

LED technology has led to efficient cannabis growth

For years, one of the biggest concerns for marijuana growers was the electricity bill because the growth of marijuana indoors requires high-intensity bulbs. LED technology has resolved this issue by producing efficient light for cannabis to grow just as they would with regular light bulbs or under sunlight. Moreover, these lights do not cause high temperatures in the room.

Regular bulbs emit heat, which led to manufacturers having to spend money on temperature control as well. With LED, this is far less of a problem as these efficient bulbs emit less heat.

Purchasing cannabis is now a safer process

Technology has transformed the consumer experience and made it safer for us to purchase cannabis. While before, you may have invested in low-quality cannabis because your options were limited. Nowadays, technology has made it easier to find high-quality cannabis. Indubitably, there are still various manufacturers offering low-quality products, but technology has made it easier to distinguish the good from the bad.

Rather than going for the first cannabis product, we can find that we can get to know the brand to determine how authentic the products are. Professional manufacturers will have an efficient and clean website that details everything from the cultivation process, extraction, and location growth of the cannabis, manufacturing processes, and lab results.

Getting your cannabis products is a safer process as well. While before, a back alley was the place to find some weed, now you can find cannabis delivery services to deliver the products right to your door.

CBD Drinks

Nanoencapsulation will lead to a more significant industry boom

One of the most significant cannabinol (CBD) issues is that it is an oil, which means that it separates after some time when added to other liquids. Moreover, only 20 percent of the oil is absorbed into the bloodstream when CBD oil is ingested orally. This is quite a waste of cannabinoids, especially when you learn that high-quality CBD oil doesn’t come cheap.

Furthermore, CBD products are highly popular because this natural compound does not have the psychoactive effects marijuana has. So it would be lucrative for manufacturers if they could start offering CBD-based drinks for their consumers. Luckily, with nanoencapsulation, this will soon be possible.

Experts have already experimented with the idea of condensing cannabinoids in smaller emulsions to intensify their bioavailability. A smaller emulsion will enable the CBD to mix with water more efficiently. Some brands are already offering nano-encapsulated CBD products, but much needs to be done to perfect the technology. Once it is, however, expect a boom in the industry with different CBD-based drinks.

Market research is set to improve the cannabis industry

The amount of data being gathered thanks to artificial intelligence has made it possible for brands to get closer to consumers and learn what they think of their products to improve what is lacking. Online businesses have been doing this kind of market research for years. Now that the cannabis industry is no longer being conducted in back alleys but has a place in the online world, gathering data is possible as well.

With such valuable data at hand, growers, manufacturers, and brands can learn which products are outselling others and learn about buyers’ habits. In knowing this, marketing campaigns can become better tailored, CBD brands can make better business decisions, more accurate personas can be created, and social media posts can hit the mark.

The future of the CBD industry

Whether you are its biggest fan or a little wary of it, technology is changing every aspect of our lives, and with it, the businesses we are investing in. The cannabis industry is in its infancy, and only time will tell how technology will transform it into an even bigger powerhouse.

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