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The Hardest Thing About Living in New Zealand….


I have never been to New Zealand, but it’s definitely one of the countries in the world that I want to go check out one day. I don’t think that I’ll ever move there (even though I have family living there already).

New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow both men and women to vote – legislation for this was passed in 1893 already (more than 20 years before it was introduced in the USA). It’s also one of only 3 countries in the world which has two national anthems (God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand) – the other two countries are Denmark and Canada. New Zealand was also the first country to have its three top positions of power held simultaneously by women: The Prime Minister (Helen Clark), the Governor General (Dame Silvia Cartwright), and the Chief Justice (Sian Elias). The Kiwis are also one of the toughest rugby playing nations in the world and the Springboks’ arch nemesis.

Despite all this, New Zealand is just another country. I found this photo on The Meta Picture today entitled “The Hardest Thing About Living in New Zealand” highlighting that point. Judging by the title I’m figuring that it was posted by a native Kiwi.

I think the last photo in this picture says it all 🙂 Many Australians reading this might not agree with me. No hard feelings Aussies, okay? I’m just a South African bloke who found a funny picture posted by a New Zealander and it just happens that this New Zealander is making fun of Aussies – I didn’t create this picture.

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