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The Lion King Live-Action Teaser Trailer released


Disney have released the first teaser trailer for the live-action version of The Lion King. This 2019 film is directed by Jon Favreau (who also directed 2003’s Elf, the first two Iron Man films and 2016’s The Jungle Book).

The 2019 Live Action version of The Lion King will be released on the 19th July 2019 (the date of the 25th anniversary of the original animated movie).

The Lion King 2019
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Here’s who will be voicing the characters in 2019’s The Lion King:

  • Seth Rogen is doing the voice of Pumbaa.
  • Donald Glover is the voice of Simba.
  • John Kani is the voice of Rafiki.
  • Beyonce is the voice of Nala.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor is the voice of Scar.
  • James Earl Jones is the voice of Mufasa.
  • John Oliver is the voice of Zazu.

James Earl Jones, Hans Zimmer, and Elton John are the only people who worked on the original animated film that reprise their respective roles, as the voice of Mufasa, the composer of the film, and songwriter. Jeremy Irons was disappointed that he didn’t get to reprise his role as Scar.

I’m very excited to see this film and I don’t seem to be the only one. The trailer racked up more than 10 million views in less than 24 hours. It’s already on 25 million views now. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

The trailer looks amazing. I will never forget the first time that I watch the original film in a school hall in my old home town in Limpopo. This trailer brought back memories of that and raised my excitement and anticipation levels. Check it out below if you want to be blown away…

Amazing, right? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the 2019 version of The Lion King. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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