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The Petrol Price in South Africa and Around The World (Infographic)


Many of you regularly reading this blog will know that South Africa’s cost of living is constantly increasing. I still remember buying 2 King Pies, a 500 ml Coke and a box of smokes for R13 back in 1996. Nowadays those particular items will set you back about R65 – and it’s not getting any cheaper.

One of the main reasons that the cost of living is increasing so rapidly in our country is the high petrol price. If petrol goes up, everything’s price goes up, particularly because almost everything that you buy in a supermarket or a shop gets transported by trucks. The latest petrol price increase was 84c per liter on Wednesday and apparently the next increase will be on the 7th of August and is rumored to go up by another 64c per liter.

To give you people a little bit more perspective, the awesome folks at Direct Axis recently posted this infographic about the Petrol Price. Seeing the figures for other countries abroad actually makes me feel glad that I live in South Africa.

I’m particularly shocked about the insanely high cost of petrol in Turkey and how cheap it is in Venezuela. It’s also scary to see how much the South African government gets from motorists filling up their vehicles, but I do understand that we don’t have 50 million tax payers in this country and we don’t oil, the income has to come from somewhere.

What are your thoughts after viewing this petrol price infographic? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. Feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is caring after all.

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  1. Your initial intro complaining about prices of SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO is a tad bit silly. I would understand the complaint if it was in the past five years.

    The infographic is good-people must however just remember that the value in rand of foreign petrol prices are irrelevant as it matters to the country compared to the cost of living as per the latter part of the infographic. People also need to keep in mind the strength of the foreign economies and specific infrastructure available (parastatals and public transport with independent regulators to reduce corruption and missappropriation of funds)

    Thank you for the post.


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