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“Carry On To The Sun”: The New Single from The Plastics


The Plastics have released “Carry On To The Sun”, their brand new single. The band has transformed into a new band called The Bright Blue Orchids for their 4th studio album.

The sound of The Bright Blue Orchids is a full, unapologetic throwback to back-to-basics old school music-making. “Carry On To The Sun” is the first single from this offering and was released today.

The Plastics - Carry On To The Sun
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Photo by Lauren Weller

The single was written at the end of May 2019. The inspiration came from the harmonic power of playing the E Major chord, then lifting the 2nd and 3rd fingers rhythmically. The words came later whilst sitting in the garden and watching the sunset through the trees.

Sasha Righini explains “Carry On To The Sun”

“The song was a gift – inspired by the selfless, healing and loving power of the sun itself. The chorus aims to make you realise that you are stronger than you ever thought possible, and even when you have nothing left to give, you can carry on to the sun.”

“Carry On To The Sun” was produced by Sasha Righini and recorded live by Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen at Digital Forest Recording Studio – with vocals recorded later by Greg Abrahams at the Sound Foundry.

The song is a rambunctious ode to the power of love, filled with twists and turns that captivate, thrill and beguile the listener. It sounds like a mantra from Shambalah – appealing against the negative energy inherent in modern society.

You can buy / stream “Carry On To The Sun” HERE.

The Plastics are releasing The Bright Blue Orchids under this name because many of the songs on the album were written by Sasha Righini (formerly on drums) in a two-week blaze of creative energy. This represents a new start. A dynamic shift.

The Bright Blue Orchids will release their brand new album in January 2020.

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