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The Royal Baby Announcement: Why do we care?


So if you don’t know about it yet, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge & wife to Prince William’s baby is on the way. People are going crazy. This apparently is what is considered news today. This is not news. This is the furthest thing from news out there at the moment.

‘Celebrity’ babies are irrelevant. This specific baby is even more irrelevant. The royal family is purely a nostalgic throwback to times gone by & culturally they are not relevant to modern society & especially not to the rest of the world. Even if you happened to be a former British colony, which is very likely. This baby has nothing to worry about. It will have the best of everything: healthcare, education, clothing. You name it. It will have it. There is nothing interesting. If this baby grows up to be a scientist that cures cancer or discovers a way to increase grain production without genetically enhancing plants THEN you have a real story.

One of the questions that arises is, why do we care about this? Are our lives so mundane and uninteresting that we need ‘famous’ people to make it worthwhile? What is wrong with us? Where does this need to stick our noses into other people’s lives come from? The news, Facebook, Twitter & every other press & media gateway is stacked to the brink with silly tweets and statuses about a baby being born. You can’t look at a newspaper or go to a website to listen to the radio & it’s on every 10 seconds!

Here are some facts for you. According to UNICEF, 1.1 million babies are born in SA each year. Of those three hundred thousand are born HIV positive. 50 percent of those babies will be dead within a year. Everyday I see mothers in the street with new born babies begging for food, not knowing how they are going to make it through the week or the month.

That we make such a fuss about ‘famous’ babies is disgusting. We’re quick to go on about a ‘special’ baby, but statistically millions of babies who could have been geniuses & of benefit to society have died without us even blinking an eye. But this royal baby.. This is special. This is the superman of babies & it will eradicate poverty & disease with it’s first breath. It will be even more powerful since Kate is having a “natural, vaginal birth”, according to one report I read.. Stop with your tautologies reporters! You are supposed to know grammar..

And it’s not just outdated royalty, it’s everywhere. Our obsession with pseudo celebrities & their doings is getting to a point where it makes no sense. Is there nothing left to talk about? Is there nothing of value to our own existence other than that which we draw from lives that are not our own? Where is rational thought? Where is real conversation?

I’m not saying we should not talk about this, but come on people.. Do we really need to make such a fuss about one baby? Should there be celebrities? Yes. Should we have heroes? Yes. Should we aspire to be better & draw a sense of purpose from people that inspire us? Yes. Should we freak out when inbred aristocracy breeds unto this world? No. I would stop people like Kanye & Kim from breeding if I could. But it’s not up to me. I can only ask people to think. To learn. To think about the relevance of current issues. To think about what a current issue actually is.

If I haven’t made it clear. A photo of the entrance of a hospital where some royal inbred is being born is NOT news. #GreatWaitForKate is not a Twitter hashtag of note & if you think this is a newsworthy story then go shove your face into some real information.

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