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The TodPod Makes Life A Little Easier


I don’t have kids of my own, but I am thinking that I’ll get my future kids a TodPod. It’s one of the most awesome inventions that has come out over the last few years. Best of all, it was invented by a fellow South African (which also happens to be an ex work colleague of mine).

In case you were wondering, the TodPod is a first of it’s kind 3-1 multi-functional toddler bag. It converts into a table and chair for toddlers. It’s lightweight, portable and compact. It’s nothing like the conventional tables and chairs for toddlers that are available on the market today. There’s also packing space for toys, coloring books, pencil cases and other accessories. If you have a toddler this might just be the product that will make your life and theirs a lot easier.

More info about the TodPod

The TodPod is made by a company called Million Baby. Jared Pillai is the the CEO & Co-Founder of the company and the inventor of the TodPod. He noticed that toddlers around him got bored and were distracting their parents. He asked himself “What if I can I keep them occupied with their toys, crayons, coloring books within reach?”. A lightbulb went off above his head and he came up with the concept of the TodPod.

Jared Pillai is currently in the Top 30 of the Big Break Legacy. The Big Break Legacy is an interactive reality TV show on SABC TV. Viewers are given an opportunity to vote for who they believe has the composite of a successful entrepreneur. The winner of The Big Break Legacy wins a R5 million investment into their business. It’s the largest prize ever offered on a South African reality TV show.

The inventor of the TodPod has said that he plans to set up a manufacturing plant in South Africa and creating 500 jobs if he wins the R5 million prize. Jared is also looking to expand into 60 countries over the next three years.

More info about Jared Pillai

Jared Pillai is on a mission. He wants Million Baby to be one of the biggest baby brands in the world and to become the largest baby product manufacturing company in South Africa and on the African continent. Over the last two years he’s been battling to get the TodPod into the international market. He believes that winning the R5 million investment is the big break that he’s been waiting for.

Check out this segment about Jared Pillai on the Big Break Legacy:

Because I think that both Jared and the TodPod are awesome, I’m urging you to vote for him in the Big Break Legacy. Help a South African that’s trying to make a difference, cast your vote for him for The Break Break Legacy.

Voting has opened to the public today (the 8th of March 2013). Show your support and vote for Jared by SMSing “Jared Pillai” to 33614. SMSes cost R1.50. Voting closes on the 13th of March 2013.

Spread the word about this awesome invention and watch this space for regular updates in the Technology  category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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