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SA Idols: And then there were three


We are down to the top three, tomorrow there will be two. Who are your votes going to?

Last night our top three performed three songs each and I have to say, although I am very biased toward Mark, this competition is, in the history of SA Idols, the tightest yet.

Mark blew me away, but there has not been a week where he hasn’t done that. Journey is my all time favourite band, and in fact, if I had a soundtrack to my life, it would be Journey. When I saw that Mark was performing Open Arms I was concerned. To pull off Steve Perry takes enormous talent. But, just like he did with Freddie Mercury, he nailed it. Just writing this gives me goose bumps, and as far as I am concerned, Mark should be the winner by a mile.

Crushanda is very talented, there is no doubt, but we have had so many of her type of singer in this competition and after the finale these performers fall of planet earth into an abyss of has-beens.

Dave is for me, the wild card. I can never make a clear decision on how I feel about him. He is odd, intense and his vocals are not anywhere near phenomenal and after his first two songs last night I was convinced he would go home. And then…. He sang Vincent and I was speechless, along with the judges who gave him a standing ovation. He brought tears to my eyes and evoked emotion in me that he has only done in a few of his performances.

And that is why I think Mark should win this competition. In every performance of his I am moved. Whether he is standing still and singing Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles or he is belting out the top notes of Sting in Roxanne, that man makes every nerve ending tingle and breathes new life into a competition I was not even going to watch this year.

Vote wisely people.

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