This is dawning of the age of social idiots…

The internet and popular trends that come with it over time are making us dumber. Our memory is getting weaker and weaker by the second. We don’t need to remember anything anymore because all the information we need is just a few clicks away. If you think our parents’ and grandparents’ memories are bad then just wait and see ours when we reach that age. I’m already struggling to remember people’s names and faces. I know of 1 guy who I’ve met like 4 times in the last year alone.

And nothing against him, I’m not trying to insult him, his not uninteresting or whatever. My memory is just fucked after years and years of slow suicide by alcohol and having Google on my phone. And fucking social media trends like “selfies” and “twerking” and shit like that is really doing a number on us. Proof of this is evident after the elections where dumb motherfuckers were taking selfies of themselves and their ballot papers in the voting booth when the IEC released rules that said that you may not take selfies of yourself in the voting booth or of your ballot paper.

Voting Day Selfie

And the irony is, I actually thought that this was a stupid request from the IEC because its common sense that you shouldn’t take photos of something as serious as this, isn’t it? And low and behold, a handful of people including some DJ go and do this and post it on Facebook and Twitter. And then the DJ’s fans go and do the same shit to support him. Monkey see, monkey do (before you send me hate mail and say that that was racist, that is an old saying coming from Mali, meaning learning a process without understanding why it works. Thank you, Wikipedia. Moving along swiftly).

Are people no longer familiar with the phrase “over-sharing”? Because just like your tits or your penis, a ballot paper and who you vote for is supposed to be private. You are supposed to keep that shit to yourself because what over-share means is that it’s your own business and no one wants to hear that shit. And if you’re taking the photo for the memory of voting, you’re really just proving my point. Over-share only used to mean something like telling someone about a genital growth or your sex life or how the high-fibre-low-carb-zero-GI corn flakes keep you regular. But it applies to the internet as well and social media sites.

Like they say in the movie The Social Network goes, “the internet is written in ink”. Everything you post could come back and haunt you (and me for that fact) later in life. For every action there is a positive and negative reaction and consequences can be severe. Loads of people have lost jobs, and even friends and families by posting stupid shit that was racist, sexist or other types of –ists. And in the case of DJ who-the-fuck-cares and all other clinically brain dead people who also took photos of themselves and their ballot papers, they will hopefully receive a jail term or something that will teach a lesson to future law breaking trend setters out there who will try to do whatever will be popular then. Chewies or gerkies or what the fuck ever drunk white girls will come up with next.


Because no company or brand wants to be associated with politics of any kind. They aim for being unbiased even when it’s actually clear as day how biased they are. And even sexting is a huge risk. It just takes one jaded lover to post all your shit that you’ve ever sent on the internet and you’re fucked for life. There is a reason that there is something like revenge porn. Because people make dumb fucking decisions and then there are smart devious people who are there to take advantage of said decisions and make money out of it. It’s called being an entrepreneur. It comes with capitalism and all that.

And your sub tweets and sub statuses to whoever pissed you off aren’t making us care either fucking tag them and get a good back and forth going. It’s just cluttering up our news feeds if you don’t. Also, if you are a hot girl that gets 107 likes from guys whenever you post anything. like say “OMG, look at my super cute boots. LOL” or some Marilyn Monroe quote – you’re also just filling our timelines with junk. I know you like the attention, but the guys do not think that you are inspirational or deep. They didn’t even look at the boots. Guys don’t even share your opinion. They just want to fuck you. Plain and simple. All they see is the cleavage you’re showing in your profile pic. And retarded as us men get, we like it, and then comment some shit like “Beautiful boots for a beautiful face 😉 x” and pat ourselves on the back because we think we stand a chance in getting into your pants and super cute boots.

They also do not really care about you, despite what they say. Unless caring means doing the rusty trombone. Apathy is the name of the game unless you post something really interesting, funny, shocking or outrageous. So before you rant and single out people of a different race, a “friend” that stole your boyfriend or some shit like that, Just remember: Nobody Fucking Cares.

We have our own problems and shit we go through. And you’re only getting yourself in trouble. You know what? Ignore what I just said. Fucking do it. Because you deserve what’s coming to you if that’s your state of mind. Natural selection at its best. Now if you’ll excuse me, a hot girl just posted a selfie of herself in bed. I’m going to like the photo and compliment her sheets and totally pat myself on the back for being so suave.

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