Three Casino Films You Should Avoid

It is no wonder that the gambling industry is gradually becoming dominated by online casinos as, if Hollywood movies are to believed, they are certainly a much safer endeavour. The cream of the silver screens’ gambling establishments have a long and checkered history of dodgy dealings, murderous owners and questionable clientèle. So it is no wonder that gambling fanatics are quickly moving on to greener online pastures, especially if real life is anything like the movies.

A Safe Bet

Whilst you’re unlikely to come across maniac mobsters or furious femmes fatales at your local casino, it is true that the online alternatives are a much less risky option. With online sheriffs from South Africa like offering extensive lists of checked and regulated online casinos, finding a straight and safe casino online has never been easier.

Whilst most establishments are sound, your local cowboy venue or unlicensed establishment cannot be as easily monitored as its online counterpart. So if you fancy a cheeky gamble, without the risk, and from the comfort of your own living room, click here to find the best online casino for you. But for those who remained undeterred and are still after the glitz and glamour of cinema’s most luxurious establishments, here are three casino films you would be most definitely wise to avoid.

1. Casino Royale

Even if you overlook the fact that the fim has allowed the so-obvious-it-hurts Bond villain Le Chiffre to participate in the most pretentious of poker games, the setting of Martin Campbell’s seminal series reboot is still a highly questionable establishment.

Not just content with openly welcoming failed terrorists and international villains to its table, the scenic casino also offers onsite threats of decapitation and a range of poisonous cocktails to patrons. Throw in a useless resident CIA agent and a slew of dead and bloodied henchmen and you have a perfect establishment for any suicidal gambler.

Casino Royale

2. Casino

Set in Tangiers, Martin Scorsese’s classic gangster flick Casino comes complete with crooked dealers and warring mobsters. Whilst it would be recommended that anyone avoid a casino run by proven cinematic bastard Joe Pesci, the addition of Sharon Stone’s drug-addled seductress Ginger McKenna only adds to the caution.

Not only does this casino boast profits boosted by lax gaming laws and an invalid gaming license but Mafia associate Sam “Ace” Rothstein, played with seasoned grittiness by Robert De Niro, is running the show. Whilst this establishment may offer the best in tense and adrenaline-fuelled play, that is most likely less down to the quality of the roulette wheels and more the threat of having your car blown up with you still inside.

3. Caesars Palace

Whilst in reality this paramount casino, the jewel of Las Vegas’s renown gambling strip, offers a respectable rush of gambling ecstasy, the version that exists in Todd Phillip’s breakout comedy is a rather different beast. Whether it is a room complete with complimentary disgruntled tigers or a range of mislabeled pharmaceuticals on offer, this haphazard casino pushes it even by sin city’s notorious standards.

The fun doesn’t even end there: a personal beating from heavyweight legend Mike Tyson, third-degree burns from the unofficial rooftop sun-deck and ill-advised face tattoos are all available to patrons. If this doesn’t sound enjoyable enough, the casino will offer you a battered stolen cop car, complete with a camp and vengeful gangster locked in the boot, to drive around in. Whilst this casino does offer a more humorous assault on both your physical and mental well-being, it still perhaps isn’t the best location for that relaxing holiday or hard earned mini-break.

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