12 Useful Tips For More Professional Videography

If you need tips for more professional videography, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re covering this subject in detail.

In today’s tech-savvy world, getting your hands onto a sophisticated video camera isn’t that hard. With the rapid up-gradation of smartphone technologies, the mobile camera is more than capable of catering to any video maker requirements. This is thanks to social media sites like Youtube, Instagram, etc., which helps budding video content creators to share their work with the world and get much-needed exposure.


The world of Vlogging

Video creation for an online platform is popularly known as “vlogging” and is one of the most preferred genres of this generation’s creators. Numerous talented videographers/cinematographers have showcased their content on popular online platforms and gained appreciation.

With the content getting popular among the online community, various sponsorship deals come along as well, providing the monetary freedom to the creators. But, like any field of work, competition is inevitable. Hence it is vital to be on top of your game, and your content needs to be unique, crisp, engaging, and entertaining. So, let’s explore the best ways to create professional and engaging videos. 

Here are 12 Useful Tips For More Professional Videography

1. Understand your gear / equipment

The cameras, lenses, etc., which would be used in shooting the video, should be thoroughly explored. Every camera/device is unique to itself, understanding its features and the right technique to operate are the basic requirements before you start. Keep the overlay grid turned on as a default setting. It will act as a reference to keep your device correctly aligned and always try to shoot in landscape mode.

 2. Create a proper pre-shoot sequence

Not having a properly planned sequence before starting to shoot would be chaotic and will negatively impact the creative flow of the process. It is always ideal for creating a “storyboard” before starting the shooting. A storyboard is just like a comic book page, drawings or sketches of every frame is created in sequence just the way the video creator wants to showcase in the video, and the details of each scene are written below. It is one of the best practices a filmmaker can follow to narrate their story in a natural flow.

 3. Lighting is important

Lighting is another crucial factor in video making. If the shoot is performed outdoors, the timing of the shoots should be planned according to the lighting requirements of the particular scene. Morning or evening time should be chosen for outdoor shoots as the sun isn’t the brightest in these time frames. In the case of indoor shoots, correct placement of lights and right luminance should be used to justify the environment and backdrop of the sequence. 

 4. Being steady is the key

You have to be careful with your camera while shooting a moving sequence, slow and steady is the key here and also avoid making sudden stops. Stability is a crucial factor in quality video making. Always use a tripod or any fixed surface. That’s a really important videography tip. 

5. Maintain a neutral background

The backdrops of your scenes are an integral part of videography. A background can either make or break the whole purpose of the content. Always use a simple, light, and solid-colored background and try to keep your backdrop as simple and clean as possible. The agenda should be to attract viewers’ attention on the main subject of the scene and not the background unless it is the demand of the scene. 

 6. The Composition of your video matters

Videography is not just aiming and shooting your subject; anyone on the face of the earth can do that. What will distinguish a talented filmmaker from a novice is how the video creator gives attention to minute factors and tries to narrate their story through every aspect in the frame. The framing, immediate surroundings, and transition of the scene should synchronize with the atmosphere of the storyline.

 7. Maintain proper audio quality

Unless you are recording silent content, the audio of your footage plays a vital role in communicating with the audiences. Hence using a good quality microphone and placing it closer to the subject is mandatory. Good quality audio not only compliments your footage but also helps to attract the attention of your audiences. Also, don’t forget to eliminate any unnecessary sounds in the background, which may act as a distraction.

 8. Always shoot from multiple-angles

Video footage shot from only one angle without enough transitions can lose the viewer’s attention quickly. Hence it is crucial to shoot every scene from multiple angles so that you can always have options in your hand while editing the footage and can maintain a proper balance in frame transitions and avoid monotony. Having multiple footages from different angles also keeps you covered if any changes are required to be done at the post-production stage. 

9. Be careful when using multiple cameras

While you are using multiple cameras to shoot your content, it is important to make sure that all the camera’s settings (white balance, exposure) are synchronized with each other. If not, the footage will look different from each other and will distract the viewers from failing to maintain a smooth transition. 

10. Use a proper video editing tool

Proper and crisp editing is the key to engaging and successful footage. Editing could be tedious, even for a seasoned editor, and it requires patience and dedication towards the outcome of the content. Hence getting hold of a reliable video editing tool is very important. The video editing platform should be user friendly, easy to operate, and have enough tools for varied requirements like Invideo.  

 11. Understand your audience

Your content cannot always attract every type of audience. While creating your videos, you need to keep your target audiences in mind and should edit your footage accordingly. For example- if the majority of your views are achieved on a video sharing platform like YouTube, you should follow a few basic YouTube video editing principles like using proper SEO and keywords in the description to maximize engagement and sharing any relatable messages with your audience before, during or after the video. Proper credits should be given if applicable as well. 

12. Try to discover your flair

Work on understanding your strength and weaknesses in content creation. You should try to discover your signature and nurture it to distinguish your work from that of others. Your unique attributes will help you to connect with your audiences.

 Videography isn’t just to record something; it is a medium to express, visualize, and narrate a message through your lenses. The same story could be narrated in a hundred different ways, and you need to discover your way of storytelling to leave a mark. 

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