5 Tips For Extending The Wi-Fi Range Outside Your Home

Think you have to be a technical expert to extend Wi-Fi range outside your home? Think twice! You don’t think of your Wi-Fi connection when it’s working fine, right? But when it start running at the snail’s pace, you can do anything to boost it up and pay any price to extend its range.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your savings. There are plenty of ways that you can apply and follow to extend Wi-Fi range outside your home, without having to make hefty investments or become a technical expert.

Wi-Fi Range

Here are 5 tips that can help you to extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home:

1. Choose the Right Location for Your Router or Modem

This is one of the most important points to consider to extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home. Relocate your router or modem. Given-below are some important points that you must consider while placing your router or the modem:

1. Choose a center location in your home to place your router or modem.

2. Do not hide your networking devices inside a cabinet or under a table.

3. Place your Wi-Fi device on a cool and higher shelf.

Try this step and make a step forward to extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home.

2. Update Your Device

Another step to extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home is to update your router or modem. All you have to do is to contact your device manufacturer and ask him to update your device to the latest firmware version. Apart from that, you can also ask your service provider to suggest a better data plan for you.

3. Stay Away From Unknown Wi-Fi

If you want to enjoy the uninterrupted internet speed outside your home, then make sure that the third-party or neighboring WiFi devices or network aren’t interfering with yours. For this, you can relocate your router or modem and place it away from the reach of interference-creating Wi-Fi devices and networks.

4. Configure Your Device Properly

Another troubleshooting tip that you can apply to extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home is to configure your router or modem properly. A partial or incomplete configured device will not let you enjoy the blazing-fast internet range outside your home.

5. Get a Netgear Extender

Don’t worry! You don’t have to throw your existing device (router or modem) into a bin. Just add a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender to your home network. After Netgear extender setup, you will get the internet range even in those areas where Wi-Fi was never expected. Consider this as a small investment of your savings.

After getting a Netgear extender, you have to keep the following things in mind to get the most out of its Wi-Fi:

1. Configure it properly. Don’t left the Netgear extender setup process incomplete.

2. Update the firmware on your Netgear extender whenever available.

3. Place it in the same way as of your router and modem.

4. Also, ensure to keep your Netgear extender in reach of your router, modem or access point.

5. Power cycle your Netgear extender, router or modem at least once in a month.

6. Change the default Netgear extender login credentials after setting it up by navigating to mywifiext.net setup page.

In a Nutshell

So, these were the 5 tips through which you can easily extend the Wi-Fi range outside your home. Please let us know which tip worked for you. Also, if you have any other suggestion that can help in improving the Wi-Fi range to the fullest, do share it with your fellow readers via comments. And if you need any help while setting up your Netgear extender, updating its firmware, changing the default login credentials or accessing the mywifiext.net setup page, please let our technical experts know.

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