Top 10 Gambling-Related Movies to Watch During The Lockdown

If you’re looking for gambling-related movies to watch during lockdown, you’ve come to right place.

It’s a fact that the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the whole globe off balance. Governments and institutions are now trying all they can to minimize the spread of the virus. Some nations are definitely affected more than others. That’s why some are on total lockdown.

In isolation, how are you keeping yourself busy? With most casinos closed, how are you faring on as a gambler? Well, you could be gambling online. But what if your country doesn’t allow online gambling? You still need something else to keep your gambling spirit high, right?

How about watching some catchy movies? Gambling-related movies are perfect for any gamer in isolation. They are entertaining and eye-opening. Who knows, you may learn more gambling tricks and unleash them to your local casino right after the virus has gone back to the sender.

10 Must-Watch Gambling-Related Movies

Movies have a way of capturing your whole attention. Watching your favorite genre makes even more sense. Looking for movie suggestions for gamblers? You are one second away. Read on.

1. Rounders

Produced back in 1998, this is an American drama film that covers high-stake poker. It features two friends who keep moving from one casino to another in search of high stake poker. The two friends have a huge debt which they’re trying to settle through big wins.

2. The Grand

Directed by Zak Penn, this movie was released in 2008. It features a recovering drug addict who keeps relapsing and has married 75 times. On the pursuit of the 76th, he joins a huge poker tournament termed as “The Grand” to win $10million for settling a loan he took.

The Grand - Gambling-Related Movies

3. Mississippi Grind

This is an American film that was released in 2015. It features two gamblers; Gerry and Curtis. Gerry is a real estate agent who is also a struggling gambler while Curtis is an itinerant gambler. The two meet in a bar and heavy drinking happens. The movie is all about gambling drama and the incidences that happen in the lives of the two gamblers.

Mississippi Grind - Gambling-Related Movies

4. Hard Eight

This is a crime film that was released in 1996. It features two gamblers and their lives in gambling and crime. Sidney, a gambling guru, notices a broken John that has just lost $6000 in the casino. Sidney offers to help teach him how to gamble, which later turns out successful.

5. Casino

This movie was released in 1973, way long before online casinos were a thing. It features Sam Ace, a sports handicapper and Mafia associate who is sent to run a casino. He manages to double the profits although they are skimmed before taxation. He later falls in love with a prostitute.

6. Girls, Guns, and Gambling

This is an American action drama that was aired in 2012. It features John Smith’s frustrations. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he goes to a casino where his wallet is stolen. He then takes part in gambling where all his money is lost. Finally, he becomes a prime suspect when a prestigious mask goes missing.

Girls, Guns, and Gambling - Gambling-Related Movies

7. 21

This is a heist movie that was aired in 2008. Its plot is based on the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team. Ben is admitted to Harvard Medical School but the tuition fee is too expensive for him. He then tries to apply for scholarships unsuccessfully. However, his card-counting skills get him a membership at MIT and he starts winning big at casinos.

8. The Cooler

This is a romantic drama film that was released in 2003. It features Bernie Lootz, a recovered gambler who works at a casino. Lootz is considered the cooler, a person who brings bad luck at the casino table. He has a miserable life and is only working to pay off a huge debt that was used to pay off his former debts at the casino.

9. Croupier

This is a British movie that was released in 1998. It features Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer who lands a job as a croupier at a casino. Sooner or later, the gambling life takes him over and he starts indulging. He sleeps with a colleague and the real drama begins.

Croupier - Gambling-Related Movies

10. Bugsy

Released in 2014, Bugsy is an American crime drama that features Jim Bennett. He is a literature professor who takes part in excessive gambling to destroy his life. He accumulates two huge debts, one from Lee, a proprietor of an underground high-stakes gambling ring.

You can find these movies on sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. They are a perfect entertainer in isolation.

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