Top 10 Websites for Freelancers in 2020 (Infographic)

What are the top 10 websites for freelancers in 2020? Today we answer this question in detail. It’s a fact that despite a number of countries around the world widely lifting lockdowns and quarantines, the coronavirus pandemic still seems to ravage many, and not only with the deadly virus.

The United States announces devastating numbers when it comes to unemployment with numbers as high as 1.5 million people reporting to be unemployed as of June 2020. The situation with unemployment in South Africa appears to be even more depressing with projections reaching over 30% by the end of the year.

Top Websites for Freelancers

However, there’s still much hope, largely thanks to the digital world we live in. For example, about a third of employed people were freelancing at some point in their life in the United States. At the same time, South Africa, ranked 20th in the world by the number of active freelancers shows an impressive rate of nearly 12%. There’s no wonder about that, the opportunities for freelancers today are limitless.

Here are the Top 10 Websites for Freelancers in 2020:

Whatever job you search as a freelancer, you will certainly find it, it’s only enough to search well. People all around the world are ready to pay a professional from another country to perform the needed work. There’s a number of organizations willing to pay one time only to a person who certainly knows his or her job rather than paying regular salaries to under-qualified staff.

The latter issue became especially relevant in the light of the latest events concerning coronavirus. Finally, there are a number of organizations that bring freelancers together on one platform for them to perform literally any job for any person or business all around the globe. Here are some of the best of them.

Websites for Freelancers Infographic Infographic by TheWordPoint.

1. Upwork

This platform is considered to be one of the best because it has no particular specialization and allows the freelancers and customers to contact and cooperate freely. As of the beginning of 2020, there was a total of 12 million freelancers performing all kinds of tasks, from writing an essay to shooting a promotional video, for their customers. Such freelancers are rewarded as fairly as the customers see fit, which is more than often generous.

2. Fiverr

Being not as popular and diverse among freelancers as Upwork, Fiverr in fact is a very similar platform. The major difference is that whereas on Upwork freelancers will mostly find «more serious» jobs to complete, such as documentation, translation, or business reports, on Fiverr, you will likely find a more creative task. Some popular works on Fiverr are closely related to design, music, art, or programming.

3. Uvocorp

Perhaps, the most respected and the most beneficial platform for freelance writers. The company is largely transparent with its number of available jobs as well as compensation, which is rather generous and varies depending on your qualification in English and the subject you’d like to work with. For example, the rates for ESL writers are somewhat lower than native speakers.

4. TheWordPoint

Despite the fact that pandemic has separated us, the communication did not stop all at once, but just moved to the digital world. This in turn has fueled the need for interpreters. In order to run a business on the international arena, one must find the most accurate translator, and such a job will be rewarded greatly. So, if you feel like the person for such a job, WordPoint, being on top of the industry today, will certainly be the place for you.

 5. Skyword

This platform, similarly to the previous two works with written or communications content, yet, with one difference. Skyword is generally specialized in marketing content. Hundreds of thousands of marketing specialists work on outsource through the platform, completing project management plans, advertisement content tasks, and brand designs. So, if you’d like to devote yourself to the world of marketing, Skyword is certainly for you.

6. FreeUp

A relatively new platform on the market, FreeUp offers an exchange of jobs between businesses and market specialists from around the world. Having a transparent compensation system, the platform might be somewhat challenging to join as you’ll have to go through 2 stages (screening and interview) to enter as a freelancer.

7. Dribbble

This platform will be great particularly and specifically for designers of any kind. Specializing narrowly in visual creative jobs, Dribbble offers the model similar to Upwork and Fiverr, yet, exclusively in design and creativity areas. So, if you feel like you know how a coffee shop logo or a new app should look and can materialize your ideas, Dribbble is for you.

8. Designhill

Very similar to Dribble, Designhill connects freelance designers with customers specifically. The major difference is that the majority of customers on this platform are businesses and their owners. So, if you are interested in creating a fancy brand logo or a colorful website, you’ll feel at home.

9. is another platform largely similar to Upwork, yet, with much narrower specialization. Being created for software developers exclusively, the platform even looks like a home to any IT-guy or girl. Yet, joining the platform might be somewhat challenging as you’ll have to pass a 5-stage test before you can work. After you do, however, be sure that you will be rewarded greatly.


Similar to the platform above, this one specializes more in gathering developer and engineer teams receiving jobs mostly from small businesses. makes sure that the required job is completed well, on time, and in a team. So, if you are ready to work with other developers like you, this platform will totally work.

When There’s No Work, There’s Always Freelance

From the list above, it is absolutely clear that the workforce is not only running, but can be and is as powerful as ever. The only apparent difference the economic downturn has brought to modern professionals is the form of work.

Whereas only a year ago you might have thought that you were stuck at your office wondering why you couldn’t switch to another job, today, you would simply do it online. Freelance allows you not only to stay home and work safely, but constantly learn, discover new areas, work productively, and get your dream job without leaving your cozy and comfortable place.

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