8 Top Mobile App Design Trends

What are the top mobile app design trends? Today I’ll answer this question in detail. It’s a fact that as mobile technology is rapidly growing business ideas, many app development companies are taking conversations to a new level. They are building strong relationships with brands and presenting themselves in the modern digital world today.

In the future, people will see disruptive transformations in mobile app design with the evolution of mobile applications from a technical perspective. Here we are immersed in the nine most mind-blowing mobile app design trends that mobile app development companies will show.

Mobile App Design

Here’s a list of 8 Top Mobile App Design Trends

1. Dynamic Visual Experience

As the competition of mobile app development is growing in the market, many digital products are appearing in the Google Play and Apple stores. Additionally, mobile app users are more dependable on the brand than users of different devices.

So in case your software no longer meets the expectations of a user, he or she can be able to use the other opportunity, and it will never come back.

App owners have to discover new methods to make users a co-writer in their experience. Those who do this will find it more active and engaged.

2. Fresh Colour Palettes

One of the most application development trends of 2021 is using clean colour palettes and maxed out colorings in the apps. Now no better colour might be visible even as the usage of the apps. Instead, the UI/UX designers have determined to fascinate the customers with a brand new variety of colourful and lively colours.

The app designers are specializing in each coloration of the rainbow. However, the colors to be the stand-outs in the upcoming apps are purple, blue, and pink. These are the colors that pop up even in the darkish mode. And they convey a glow and cyber funk experience in the apps. You also can locate the use of mismatched colors as they capture a user’s interest because of their uniqueness.

3. Advanced Animation

Advanced animation is an essential part of mobile application development services and a good user experience. And its moves and motions provide a lot of data. It also provides us with state changes, confirmed actions, and interactions.

Nowadays, mobile devices have become more powerful and faster. And that’s why a Mobile app development company can create more advanced animations. The animation is not a thing for bridging the gaps between different types of conditions; it also helps in branding.

Motion only shows a story about any brand or product. But animation develops a film-like scene for users where data changes from frame to frame.

4. Convenient Voice Interactions

Voice-controlled technologies like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are now planning to develop the future user-experience design. Voice search activity continues to grow day by day.

  • Modern technologies are starting to hear more of us by voice shopping, voice-powered smart home management, etc.
  • These statistics show the predictions about the complete transformation for mobile UI of voice technology.
  • Many app development companies started developing innovative designs of voice interfaces with the help of artificial intelligence.

5. Augmented Reality

3D simulations such as augmented reality present one of the application design trends in mobile app development that is growing steadily. It is also followed by a Mobile app development company. Virtual systems or spirit levels are the functionality of an OS system today.

  • AR helps you to impose activities on reality from the virtual world.
  • IEKA uses AR technology to create apartment visualization. Google Maps similarly uses it to navigate and search for places.
  • This technology will create 3D models in GI and increase the use of phone cameras for the application of virtual layers.

6. Bottom Navigation

Mobile phones were used for small screen functions. Modern smartphones have large screens, and it holds more content and is best for multitasking.

However, the large screen adds complexity as the design removes interactive elements from the natural movement of the thumb.

As it becomes harder to reach the top of the screen, the navigation bar has become an industry expert for the mobile app development company. And it also helps users to access the primary functions of the application with one-click. Well, the bottom navigation bar will evolve more in 2021.

7. The Future without Passwords

Are you still logging in to mobile applications with an email address or phone number? Soon there will be no such option in the mobile interface to log in. The renowned Android mobile app development company working in passwordless authentication.

Today, we see many applications enabled by biometric recognition function. Many companies like Medium, Twitter, and Whatsapp are using fingerprint scanning, pattern detection for moving towards a future beyond passwords.

Over the past few years, famous brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google have used facial recognition technology. And it is leaving a significant impact on the mobile development industry.

By 2021, facial detection is going to dominate all other biometric authentication methods. That means the disappearance of buttons in the new UI and a rollout of more innovative designs focused on taking full advantage of facial identification algorithms.

8. Scalable Typography

Typography is an essential part of the design of creative mobile applications, and it takes a backseat and is impressed by other design elements such as color and navigation. However, especially after the launch of Apple iOS 7, the emphasis will be on the use of scalable typography. It is the main feature of the new start-up mobile application design.

  • In addition to being scalable, typography will leave an impact on the presence of the application interface, and overall design.
  • Most of the scalable typefaces are bold and large with negative space.


I hope that this list of top mobile app designing trends will help you move towards a new future. If you are a business owner and want to create a creative app, follow all the points written above. These trends will help you build the top-notch mobile app that your users will love! If you are still not sure how to start creating and looking for a Mobile app development company to clarify your vision.

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