Top TV launches in South Africa

Choice is finally here when it comes to Pay TV in South Africa. Today Top TV has been launched. For the first time in history South Africans will have a choice of 2 different Pay TV providers. Multichoice has been dominating the Satellite TV market in South Africa since the launch of the DSTV Pay TV service in 1995.

15 years later and we finally have the choice of another provider in South Africa. This is a good thing (choice always is). Top TV’s cheapest package is available for only R99 per month. Various packages with monthly subscription costs between R99 and R249 per month are available for Top TV. The decoder, dish and installation cost for Top TV is said to be R499 (significantly cheaper than DSTV).

More info abou Top TV packages

The Top TV R99 package includes Top One, Top Gospel, God TV, Inspiration, Zee Cinema, Hi Nolly, MGM, BBC World, Fox News, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, France 24, Current TV, Setanta Africa, Eurosport News+, SABC 1, SABC 2, SABC 3, eTV, Mindset Learn, RTPi, Fashion TV, Fine Living Network and Music Choice (Audio).

Top TV

The full R249 package includes all the channels listed for the R99 package, Top Junior, Jim Jam, Baby TV, KidsCo, Nigezie, Fuel, Kiss, Kerrang, Q, Magic, Smash Hits, C Music, Classica, Top Explore, Top History, Natura, Discovery Science, Discovery ID, Star, Fox Entertainment, Fox Retro, Top Crime, BET, Top Movies, Top Movies 2, Top Movies 24, Fox FX,  Silver and Showtime. The packages priced between R159 and r220 per month include the channels in the R99 package and a combination of this channels listed in this paragraph.

The cool thing thing about Top TV is that their top package (which has 55 channels in total) is only R249 p/m (less than half the price Multichoice charges for DSTV Premium). The sad thing about Top TV is that they don’t have a deal with Multichoice to broadcast media from Supersport.

I’d say that Top TV lacks a bit in the Sport department and most South African (like me) love their Rugby, Cricket and Football, so they might need to improve on that. South African Rock fans can look forward to having access to Kerrang (which plays modern rock and alternative videos 24 hours a day) and Q (which plays Indie music 24 hours a day).

Yesterday Multichoice launched the DSTV Lite service (for R99 per month). They’ve also increased the amount of channels for their Select 1, Select 2 and Compact DSTV packages to compete with Top TV. Both the Select 1 and Select 2 DSTV packages now have 8 more video channels and DSTV Compact has 4 more video channels.

Unfortunately the monthly subscription for the DSTV Premium package (the only DSTV package which includes M-Net and Supersport 1) remains unchanged at R529 per month. It’s just too much to pay for the right to watch Supersport 1 and M-Net in my opinion. Multichoice should gives subscribers the option to choose which channels they want on DSTV.

Let’s hope that they deliver what they are promising and that they don’t have to deal with a ton of dissatisfied subscribers. I for one might be trying this service out, although I wish that Multichoice decides to sever their Sport channels into a separate affordable DSTV package so it would be economical to combine both Top TV and DSTV at home. A boy can dream after all. Feel free to comment on this post if you have an opinion about this.

Watch this space for updates in the Television category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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  1. Ray Jones

    The best kept secret in SA. How do you expect people to know about a new service if it’s not advertised.
    Where are the outlets for the decoders and who is going to install the antennae?

    1. Running Wolf

      Ray: I could not find any details of that. You might want to check out there website – for contact details – there are e-mail addresses listed under the Contact Us tab there, but no phone numbers.

    2. Karel

      I cancel account 533773 because it is 3 days and my services is not on and I paid for the subscription of September 2010. I phoned several times for tegnician and no service or nothing is done after installation and activation. TTP 1150 was the installer reference and he said I must give him petrol money to fix the technical problem. It is not the way it works in business.

      I need answer in this matter. I think TOP TV should look after this matter

      Thanks Karel

      1. Running Wolf

        Karel: Thank you for this comment. Try posting this query on as well, they might be one of the companies that respond

  2. Lizna

    The nr is 086 008 6788 and all the units got sold out already, lines are so congested no one can get through, been trying since Saturday morning :/ Not my idea of fun
    .-= Lizna´s last blog ..FrontPage =-.

  3. Zhanje

    I think Top TV is a good offering. Judging from DStv’s reaction to Top TV’s launch (offering a Lite package [DStv] – i.e. R99 for a bouquet with virtually no real attractive content i.e. TCM, Zone Reality, Channel O and SS Action) compared to Top’s MGM, Top One, Setanta, Eurosport, and Music Choice, I think Top is ahead. As a sports fan I would go for the Setanta option as oppossed to SS Action since there is no guarantee what you would be getting on SS Action anyway. MGM movies (Top TV) over TCM movies (DStv). And I think Top One would be interesting. For R99, I would got for a more complete bouquet and right now it seems Top is on top in this bracket. As for the R249 (Top TV full bouquet) vs R232 (DStv Compact)? I think if you are not a sports fan, go for Top TV. If you are a sports fan (like me), stick with DStv. So, in effect, DStv looses the R99 war, while it wins in the sport element. Perhaps one would go with a combination of the two companies’ offers. Either way, Top TV is a welcome introduction to the SA market. Good luck guys. I’m in.

    1. Running Wolf

      Zhanje: Thank you for your comment. It sounds very tempting if you ask me 🙂 Might try it out my self 🙂

  4. Priscilla

    Have you got a Supersport channel?

    1. Running Wolf

      Priscilla: No Supersport channels are on Top TV. Check their packages. They don’t have a deal with Multichoice about that. Hopefully they will have in the near future.

  5. Jake

    Well done TOP TV! More channels on DSTV most probably means more junk and more repeats of which I think we are all sick and tired. Bye DSTV!

  6. Sonnyboy

    I am in Pretoria, where do i register or pay for my Top TV. Where are your offices in Pretoria?

    1. Running Wolf

      Sonnyboy: This is not the Top TV official website. Unfortunately I do not have the answer to your question.

  7. Gloria

    Hi I recently bought a toptv decoder. I was issued with this number 0860086788 to call for installation and to access services. Since the day tried to call, I have not got assistance and every time the consultants are not available to attend my query. Is there any other alternative as we are using cellular phones to call and very much expensive?

    urgently in need for assistance.



    1. Running Wolf

      Gloria: Unfortunately I’m not an employee of the company, but you might find alternate contact details on the Top TV website.

  8. mbali

    Please advise: For the past 6 weeks we’ve been trying to get assistance, but we didn’t get any. We’ve bought a decoder for Top TV and got a person to install it but it didn’t work. We just get this lock that we’ve not opened as yet. What is the problem? Customer No: 036179. Please help!!

  9. Godfrey

    Hi All

    I bought my toptv last Saturday. Phoned the install guy on Monday, got an installation appointment for Thursday.

    Sms toptv Wednesday. Installer arrived 10h30 Thursday, left 12h00 (installation completed). Toptv called around 12h45 (due to sms I send the Wednesday). Ask my details, 10 min later my toptv were on.

    Got DSTV premium as well as TopTV now. Will still have to see if one must go.

    Presently, I’m a very happy customer.

    1. aron

      pls can give the no of the sms and on line to talk to the operator

    2. kyle

      i have had top tv for one month now and not HAPPY AT ALL!!!

  10. bongiwe

    Where can I get Top TV in Pietermaritzburg in KZN?

    1. Running Wolf

      Bongiwe: I’m not an employee of this company. Contact them and ask them. Thank you.

  11. TSHEPO

    Got my Top TV installed, but it plays some days and at times there is only sound coming out of a black screen. Now its silent with no picture.

  12. kk

    Can I watch the Ellen De Generes show on Top TV?

    1. Running Wolf

      kk: Unfortunately I’m unsure of this. I’m not sure if they’ve finally updated their program guide on the website. Maybe check with Top TV 😛

  13. T.H.Skhosana

    Th!s Toptv sounds tempting i’m th!nking of getting one but after reading the peoples’ comments damn it’s now tricky. lets give it a benefit of a doubt. despite the comments saying Toptv doesn’t offer assistance on installation let me just go for it.

  14. aron

    hello everyone my name is Aron i have a toptv for 3 months now but still not installed pls if u know anyone who might help to install for me i might give 50 rand just to say thanks for ure jenorosity im really trying to call but they keep me holding i dont know for how long do they want me to spend my airtime on them coz this is really boring so i will be glad if u can sms me the reall numbers or a person u know working there or who installed it for u on this no 0765691793 anytime pls my phone is always on pls i beg u guys peace

    1. Running Wolf

      Aron: Check on the Top TV website for contact details.

    2. Mel

      Hi Aron: For Durban installations you can contact Rocky on 084 3895524.

  15. Aubrey Mthimkhulu

    Most of these channels repeat most of the programs. They have played for a whole month. Please guys its boring to watch one and the same thing. Its our money that we are paying here or they must add a Black American Movie Channel if they don’t know what to play.

  16. Brandon

    Top TV sounds okay but also risky.. If they had the sport channels I’d definitely take it but sadly the fat cats at Multichoice dont seem to budge.
    I think it’s silly that one HAS to get m-net to get DSTV. I hardly watch m-net and it makes up for more than half of the entire DSTV package!!
    Why must we all be inconvenienced because of a lousy deal made by Multichoice? I mean, we are the ones who are paying for what we are watching, we should have a more flexible choice of what we’d like. I think after all these years of ripping us off they owe it to us at the very least.


    Is Top TV better than DSTV?

  18. OneJohn5Four media

    To whom it may concern
    How do we get hold of you regarding the proposals/commissioning of the contents?

    1. Running Wolf

      OneJohn5FourMedia: Contact the Top TV company via their website

  19. Mahlatse

    I agree that its tempting. Since I dont have a DSTV i might as well buy Top TV. I am not a sports fan and is affordable for people who are not earning much, like us

  20. Petro Barnard

    Where can we find a provider nearest to hermanus?

  21. Marcia k

    Do you have Nigerian movies channel on Top TV? What do you call that channel? It sounds interesting.

    1. Running Wolf

      Marcia K: I’m not sure about that. Please check with Top TV. I’m not an employee of them 😛

  22. Jennifer Coryn Hull

    I want someone to challenge DSTV, or DSTV to have more individualised choices. Top TV? – Top TV I was excited, but sorry I enjoy watching my rugby!
    I would like to see a system in which one is charged for individual channels. The customer could then
    select which channels they want in their personal bouquet. It should surely be possible to weight the cost of the programmes, so that eg news and sport may be more expensive than cartoons and movies. I think most of us watch only a select number of channels and I certainly cannot find a bouquet that includes what I watch yet I probably only watch a maximum of 20 channels, and most often less than 10 channels, and I dont believe I am unique.
    We are being forced to pay the higher rates to be able to watch world news, sport and a few other select programmes.

  23. Chris

    For years I have been warning Thabo Moabi, the General Manager – Operations of Multichoice, that his dis-organisation would someday come up against better-priced Television providers. With the advent of TopTV it was thought that Thabo’s come-uppance had arrived, but sadly the initial offering will not appeal to the majority of the viewing public, as there is a serious lack of Sport, which this country thrives on. However, should this be addressed, and with alacrity, the new TopTV could pose a threat to the arrogant and much over-priced DSTV/Multichoice monopoly. Once the absence of Sport is filled and TopTV maintains its cheaper prices, DSTV could come a cropper!!!! And it would then not have happened to a better provider!!!!
    Roll on that glorious day!!!!

    1. Aubrey

      I would strongly agree with Chris and his telling nothing but the truth and i don’t know whether it will fell to deaf ears.

      To add more most of the program’s are boring and for now i find it hard to seat on my couch watching some of TOP TV channels and there are so many repeats in such a way that two channels will repeat same movie seriously its boring.Guys please try to find a way that we will find our selves glued to our magic box,True speaking Dstv is much far better than Top TV but anyway keep on trying.


      Aubrey (Top TV Client)

  24. Keevin Peters

    Hi there, just wanted to know if theres any bussines opportiunies within the Top TV group. Thank you Kindly. Keevin Peters

    1. Running Wolf

      Keevin: You should try contact them directly, however hard it may seem 🙂

      1. Jewels


  25. Mrs M Watson

    Ref: 292647
    I received a phone call Friday re installation of monitor from Martin Botha. Phoned again this morning to say that it would cost me R400 on top of what you pay him for installation. When I first contacted you I was told that it would not cost me any extra as you had someone who installed between Malmsbury and Citrusdal which included Piketberg. I live on Piketberg Mountain which is 17kms from Piketberg. Understand the circumstances I shall be returning my monitor to PEP Stores in Piketberg.

    1. Running Wolf

      Mrs Watson: I’m not an employee of Top TV. Please contact them for assistance.

  26. jonathan

    hey guys…as we all know there will always be a few things to iron out when it comes to a new service or product for that matter…i say let time heal the problems with top tv be patient and i think well soon see top tv kicking into gear…
    im def backing top tv seeing that i worked as an tech for many years for multichoice agents and i have first hand experience when it comes to customers and their frustrations..i can see top tv will do just fine once the little things have been dealt with.

  27. ronel

    I have experienced the worst service on toptv , i have acncelled my subscription on the 19th july 2010 but they have still not cancelled it and they debited my account , the programmes are so old and not worth watching , we used to watch all these films years ago for free on the other channels.Please upgrade your service.

  28. Siphokazi Lokwe

    We bought Top TV but now we are not happy with the channels, we pay for all the channels, my husband thought top tv had Supersport but it doesnt have so we wanted to know if its possible to return it or cancel.

    1. Running Wolf

      Siphokazi: I’m not an employee of Top TV. Please contact them directly. Thank you.

  29. Patricia

    i bought my top tv decoder last saterday ( 25th SEP 2010 ) SMS MY DETAILS 40004 got a reply within few sec promised to call me within 24 hours for details to send the installer.Its Thursday the 30th SEP 2010 still waiting.Have i done the right thing?

    1. Running Wolf

      Patricia: Contact Top TV to check, I’m not employed by them. This is only an informative post.

  30. baba masemola

    Hope you doing well up there! You know I know not what to say because people are now battling to activate their Top TV decoder because theres no help from you guys. Pls assist me. Call if you can.

  31. Melonie Doyle

    Hi there, I would like to know how much it will cost for a dish to be installed (and the decoder). We have DSTV already placed but we would like to change this. Please let me know how much it will cost for the dish as well as the decoder included in the package.

    1. Running Wolf

      Melonie: Contact Top TV regarding this. I’m not an employee of the company. This is an informative post, that is all.

  32. Belinda

    Running Wolf, you must be one of the most patient people around – well done!

  33. salie ely

    I have purchased my Top TV 2 months ago and still no 1 came out to install my dish. Bad service I must say. So who do I phone now after several calls i made to them?

    1. Running Wolf

      Salie: You should still try and contact them. You should lodge a complaint on, maybe they will be able to get through to them

  34. walter

    Can I watch Top TV in Zimbabwe?

    1. Running Wolf

      I am actually not sure about that. Check with Top TV.

  35. Briann

    Can one use Toptv in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia? I got friends there. I could buy for them and subcribe from here. Is it possible?

    1. Running Wolf

      Briann: You should confirm this with Top TV. I’m unsure of this 🙂

  36. kane leroy

    Just wanted to know if Top TV is available in SA only

    1. Running Wolf

      Kane: I’m not sure about this. I will see if I can a Top TV representative to respond on the queries on this post

  37. mahlatse

    Does Top TV have Trace, Channel 0, Set, MTV Base, Cartoon Network and maybe other channels that we know?

    1. Running Wolf

      Mahlatse: No. None of these channels are including in their packages.

  38. Monde

    When r we getting the Supersport channels & more South African tv shows on TopTV ?

    1. Running Wolf

      Monde: I’m unsure of this. As far as I know this will not happen in the near future. But you never know.

  39. colin

    Can u tell me what satellite Top TV works off? The name will be nice, thank you

    1. Running Wolf

      Colin: I’m actually unsure of this, contact Top TV directly

  40. Antoinette

    Looking at all the above comments…forget about DSTV for the moment. Is Top TV better than SABC & ETV? Any Top TV customer care to answer please before I decide to get Top TV?

  41. vince

    Currently I have DSTV full range. I would like to switch over to Top TV but my problem is due to the fact that I need dual TV, I am forced to stay with DSTV. Does Top TV offer Dual TV?

  42. Isabel Coetzee

    i bought a decoder last Friday did send details through via sms top TV did phone on Sunday but i was to late for call. i phoned back on Morning had to register and supply my banking details then i receive a sms with people who will be able to come and install the decoder the first person i phone said he will come Tuesday phone him just after one said he will come later then few minutes after our talk i receive a sms with a number on i phoned that number and it was another person who install decoders he said he will come Thursday morning nine o clock and he did but from 11 o clock i struggle to get through to the office to speak to a consultant that need to connect the decoder every time they put me through but all i hear is music i did phone from a prepaid cellphone all the calls cost me R150.00 and still no consultant to talk to i also left about four name and surnames with my phone number from this morning and still no luck. I look in the top TV booklet and found also a number 0860086788 (Monday to Sunday 7am to 11pm) but still no answer. PLEASE I NEED SOME ANSWERS WHAT IS THE POINT TO HAVE TOP TV IF WE STRUGGLE JUST TO GET IT CONNECTED My customer number 1056125 still wait for account number.

  43. Rachel Cloete

    Do you have a country video channel 24 hours like Australia? If you do i will definatly join you and know of a lot of people that will.

    1. Running Wolf

      Rachel: Unfortunately not. Contact Top TV directly for enquiries

  44. Annette

    I am an electronic ignoramus. Am I the only one who experiences reception problems, or is it something else: at times The Top TV logo suddenly starts drifting across the screen, or a list of ‘what to check’ appears on the screen.

    Top TV’s client services stink: they simply do not respond to any queries, nor do they provide advice.

  45. WILSON

    I just want to know if TOP TV does have Public channels eg Gospel channels,like Pastor Joshua ?

    1. Running Wolf

      Wilson: Don’t think so, I’m unsure of this, contact Top TV 🙂

  46. AUBREY

    I just want to know which channel should I watch for sport mainly European and local soccer?

  47. nick

    I have had Top Tv installed, but as soon as the wind blows my signal is lost.On / Off / On / Off. The installation was done by an accreditored Top Installer on the South Coast of Natal. I have no trees ect in the way. Can anyone advise me how to correct this. I have spoken to the installer and it now apperas I must par an extra R299 for a call out fee.

  48. Alfred

    Recently, my toptv was installed and on the following day, i phoned for activation and i spent R70 airtime and got nothing and sms the to 40004 i got a reply promising to call me within 48 hours. After having got no call from them i phoned again with R29 airtime and nothing happened. I wrote the an e-mail but nothing. I think they are not ready yet instead they are ready for the money. We want this affordable service but something bad need them or us to rectify here. Amen

  49. Charity

    I have bought top TV Three weeks Bcck i am still struggling to connect the decoder please guys help me.Top Tv has poor service.

  50. Alfred

    Guys, my top tv was at last activated and playing but what channels are these ? I wanted the love world christian and supersport but nothing . Even the movies here are boring. What is this infact? Woowuu, etv is better here and sabc 1

  51. Alfred

    I want to thank amanda from toptv who responded to my e-mail so quickly and sounded to me to be so different to those who keep busy and ignoring our calls so that we might loose money and interest. Thank you , god bless you

  52. Lawrence

    I would like to no if i got an concept who do i talk to or where do i e-mail it



  54. d mcdougall

    i live in paar western cape where can i find top tv and who is my nearest installer

  55. Lesani R Ndlovu

    Some one call form toptv for my details ,but i using a passport so she say i must fax a copy of my passport and an aplaliction form. which i did yesterday .i have not get an comeback form you about my aplaliction. my contact details are 0782448304.

  56. Simon Sibeko

    We would like to meet the Top tv sales with regards to commercial subscribtion from Hyatt Hotel

    Please reply to our request

    Tel:082 077 4247

  57. Simon Sibeko

    Please give us a call or reply to our request

  58. Lesani R Ndlovu

    Toptv you are top. pls keep it up . I enjoy all channels are good. thanks Toptv to bring this to South Africa.

  59. ishmael Lecheko

    i d like to be an accredited installer for top tv, any training you guys offer

  60. clifford mulder

    Need Tech assistance- No signal- only Toptv Logo floating on TV screen
    Tel 041 360 1871-Urgent-(19-02-2011)
    C mulder

  61. Dahlene hill

    I upgrated my top tv in the middle of February and was told that the premium can be paid with the installment end of February. My top tv has been suspended due to an amount of R47 outstanding. Please train your staff profesionaly as i was not told that it had to be paid within 24 hours, now we have to suffer the consequences due to your staff not giving the correct information. I am highly upset.

  62. sibusisbo

    i like toptv, because it guides & intertain through every moment you watch it. most specially when you indoors know way for outdoors.

    from: jahman {sibusiso}
    : at moleleki sec
    friends: small,sbu,zee,lucky,lebza,sello,sjeba.

  63. Gavin

    I would just like to know if we get a tv guide with a subcribtion to Top TV like the magazine that comes with DSTV?

    1. Grace


  64. nicole

    i’m really sorry to say,but installing a top tv was the stupid thing i’ve ever made,for instance when a program/film finish on one channel,it starts on another channel,and all the movies you see it old dated,please guys i think you can do better.and to top it all up you dont get a tv guide.

  65. emily ramashala

    I have installed my top tv month ending of december, it only works for three days and stop, i have reported the matter to your call centre , but to date i didn’t get help. i have given you my account details debit order, i had a message on my phone saying due to unforseen circumstance we will deduct your money tomorrow, but you didnt’ or is because my top tv never work. will you please with effect from Aprill cancel my top tv, but i cant pay for nothing. i have given you my account please settle your due account.

  66. mark

    I need to install a top tv at my home.also,can i move with it when I move to a new accommodation?

  67. Jose Oommen

    Is it possible for Top TV to provide us with Indian Boquets especially South Indian Boquets such as asianet, Kairaly, Soorya etc. for the South Indian viewers in South Africa. Its highly appreciated if that channels are made available. Currently we are depending only on DSTV which they are not providing us with the above mentioned channels.

    Jose Oommen

    1. Michael Lachimiah

      Hi Jose

      I am replying to you now, as this is he firs time I ahve come across this website. VIJAY TV is now on the TOP TV channel!! DSTV was and is still ripping offf the South Indians. SUN TV comes nowhere close to VIJAY TV!! I am a VERY satisfied subscriber of TOP TV. I have since unsubscribed from DSTV!! Hooray. By the way are you from another race group…with a name like Jose? Or are you Tamil speaking?

  68. sibusiso sikhosana

    I’m sibusiso sikhosana and would like the management to take us serious.

    My decoder was off for weeks with no notification that I’m owing. Then I called and they  told me I’m owing for january payment.

    Secondly I’ve payed my accounts but my decoder doesn’t work. It say “1st time installation“.

    Is this how top tv works??? by means that we pay and don’t watch any television? Or waist our money on the call center and get no responds?

    Please see this as a very important complaint as a customer because we find the business successful to us and the enjoyment of this service

  69. Rory

    I was up and ready to invest my money in Top Tv. If there is one aspect that we South Africans expect and respect is getting Value for Our Money INCLUDING sufficient and efficient customer service. After what i’ve read…..Top Tv is NOT so Top afterall. I’ll opt for DSTV.

  70. Clive van den Berg

    Its about time that DSTV gets some competition as having the monopoly they just keep on increasing the monthly subscriptions and we dont have a choice but to pay up. I am interested in your system but like many sports lovers the lack of sport channels does not make that appealing, is there a chance that you will introduce sport channels at a later date.As a pensioner I am finding DSTV getting beyond my reach. I do have a dish so does that mean I will just have to get one of your decoders and have the system set up.

  71. ntombi

    TOP TV is affordable but at the same time boring, because they always repeat movies, cant they come with something new.

  72. beuhla

    I’ve been trying to get hold of Top TV for 3 days running, R50 later, still no response. Been having the channels with no view. I’ve had not problems till now. I’m at a loss! I’m all paid up, never been behind…


    I faxed my documents to you on the 13 April 2011 for proof of payment. Up untill to day you did not respond to me. what steps should i use.And you still sending messages of unpaid payments.

  74. Tumi

    You are not helping at all here, why do you have to reply on customers query but still you tell them you not the employee of the company….just shut your mouth

  75. Running Wolf

    Tumi: I’ve contacted Top TV and tried to get them to respond to your queries here, without success, I will try again

  76. Tumi

    @NTOMBI I personally think DSTV is the same when it comes to repeating the movies, espeacialy Mnet Action, Mzanzi Magic, MM1 and MM2.

    1. Tumi

      can i have the TOP TV customer service contacts pls

      1. Running Wolf

        Tumi: Apparently you can reach them on this number: 08600 86788 – Apparently they don’t respond to e-mails

  77. Tumza

    Top TV is rubbish. I installed this thing last year October but I was not happy about the service and now they tell me that I owe R1500, but the thing is not working. I threw it in rubbish bin were it belongs. Try to improve your service. Let them switch off their poor network and start fresh, get trained assistants, get better channels, get South African channels and stop robbing people. They are like South African government departments. Robbing is their business not digital TV. Bloody agents.

  78. Belinda Rawstorne

    Well, all I can say, is that I have had the worst experience with Top TV. They have my money now but cannot be bothered to get me connected, just a bunch of thieves as far as I am concerned, and too cheap to ever phone a person back, I have run my telephone bill up trying to get connected and no-one calls back, I have asked to cancel my subscription, but yet again, no response. I think the consumer council should get involved and force these thieving idiots to give the service they are being paid for.

  79. Tommy van Zyl

    Die tv programme kan seker goed wees, maar hoe sien jy dit, met sulke swak installeerings dies. Ek het pakket gekoop by PEP Springbok, en na twee weke maar my geld gaan terug haal want daar was nog geen reelings vir installeering in sig nie. Swak,Baie swak

  80. mohlolo ramosi

    how much must i pay a month.

    1. Running Wolf

      @moholo Contact Top TV for rates, I’m not an employee of Top TV

  81. Jonathan

    Can someone who bought the decoder in south africa but stays in zimbabwe and also pay in south africa,can he enjoy watching top tv in zimbabwe if he can are there any toptv installers in zimbabwe

  82. Jonathan

    So how do i install my toptv in Harare,Zimbabwe

    1. Running Wolf

      @Jonathan Not sure of this, you’ll have to contact Top TV regarding this, I’m not an employee of Top TV

  83. Michael

    Can please provide us with dish settings for top tv.l wld love to set it myself as lm a technician.can l be an agent for top tv in botswana and zimbabwe.people ll go for it. I have a registered company in botswana.

    1. Running Wolf

      @Michael I’m not an employee of Top TV, please contact them via their website

  84. Sanna

    I am sick and tired of you people steeling my money out of my bank account, if I call the call centre the only respone I get is, someone will get back to you!!!! You where suppose to pay back the money you took unlawfully out of my bank account, not take more money out of my account, how dare you take 3 payments for 1 decoder????? I will not wait 14 days for my money, I want it back in my bank account A.S.A.P!!!!! This making me sick, you have forced me to lay a charge, I have warned you!!!! You will contact me! Today!!!! I’am sick and tired of you stealing my money!!!!!

  85. Johanna Mpyane

    I wish we had TopTv channel in Botswana. We only watcg e-Tv and the rest. DsTV is too expensive to subscribe for. They really need competition out here. Please bring us your channel.

  86. sohail

    hi h r u if u r not a empoll y u answer

  87. cmv

    My toptv dsd427 decoder was working fine but I moved to another place, I finished the installation myself now it says signal lock and I cant go 2 any option>any help????

  88. jeanette

    Every night now for how long you advertise David Bromstad? On fine living network for Monday at 21h00 this is now months and months and months that he is not on. why do you keep on advertising him. Or more important when will you put him on? He always use to be on. I like his program.

  89. mpho diepo


    I just need to ask whether i can access your service in Botswana? And if not are your company not considering to open the same type of business in Africa? If No how can we help each other grow the business and penetrate the African market
    best regards
    mpho diepo
    267 745255549

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