Top 5 Video Game Movies

Want to know about video game movies that smoothly transitioned from console to movie screen? Whether you are a gamer or a film addict, these are the movies you should add to your must-watch list. 

Video game movies are no different from the sources they are based on: almost all are hit-or-miss. A well-received game doesn’t always translate to an equally lovable movie (we’re looking at you, Super Mario Bros). In the end, video game movies and TV shows that are good rely on compelling stories, scripts, and actors. Similarly, acclaimed are those that pay attention to in-game lore. 

Video Game Movies

That said, this list serves as an exhibition of films that managed to, more or less, achieve those things. Have they tapped into the pulse of what appeals to gamers and viewers alike? It’s safe to say that most of them do. 

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Video Game Movies

1. Resident Evil

The game that took the world by storm in the ‘90s still has an undying appeal to today’s audiences. Why? Survival horror and zombies are unique tropes unlikely to ever be blown away. And the fact that the Resident Evil film series now has around 10 films under its belt only serves to reinforce it.

Resident Evil Video Game Movies

Sure, not all of them can stand on the same lofty pedestal as the first movie or Retribution. But there are arguably more gems than bombs among them. Mila Jovovich’s dedication to her character, Alice, is shown in every film she featured in. There’s also a heady, palpable mix of action, suspense, and thrill in most of them that can promptly pull most viewers in. 

2. Silent Hill

Visceral, psychological, nightmarish. These words have latched onto this game franchise like the fearsome entities that inhabit its universe tend to do.  And what makes its film adaptation click is that it stays true to these elements. Just ask anyone who has seen it whether they didn’t get chills when Pyramid Head appeared (and did that to a poor woman). 

Silent Hill Video Game Movie

Sure, it may have had its fair share of awkward and clunky scenes. Even so, the Silent Hill video game movie deserves a thumbs up for unleashing the game’s uncanny horror. 

3. Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Final Fantasy 7 is undoubtedly the most recognized game in the Final Fantasy franchise. This is why when Advent Children was released in 2005 to expand its story, it’s no surprise gamers exploded in paroxysms of excitement. 

Final Fantasy Advent Children - Video Game Movies

It’s one of the first video game movies that rendered FF7’s beloved characters in high-definition, 3D. It also paid homage to what made the game and Final Fantasy popular. From featuring every main party member to materia and Summons and reintroducing its timeless villain, it banked on gamer nostalgia – and won massively. 

4. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft first captured gamers’ hearts in 1996 and became a symbol of femme fatale from then on. While it took more than two decades for a worthy video game movie to be released, the wait was well worth it. 

Tomb Raider Video Game Movie

Alicia Vikander’s 2018 take of the badass archeologist showed off in all its glory the character’s quality we mentioned above. It’s far more gritty and realistic than Angelina Jolie’s version. 

5. Detective Pikachu

Pokemon probably has the highest number of game titles out of all video game movies included in this list. And it really doesn’t take a genius to see why. What could be better than discovering, catching, and training monsters to fight for you? Also, like the Book of Ra Kostenlos, there’s a lot of luck involved when it comes to the Pokemon you encounter. 

Detective Pikachu Video Game Movie

As for its video game movie, it certainly didn’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds helmed Detective Pikachu. The film featured a lot of first-generation Pokemon (undoubtedly the most popular). It mixed them with tons of jokes, mystery, and saccharine interactions that characterize great family video game movies. 


Incidentally, if you are always on the lookout for what’s on the horizon, there is actually a lot to look forward to. So what video game movies are coming out? Well, a sequel to Tomb Raider is already in the works, and its soul successor, Uncharted, has also begun production. There’s an upcoming Resident Evil TV show on Netflix. Besides these three, Watch Dogs and Call of Duty fans certainly have a reason to keep their heads up, too. 

So what did you think of our list of top video game movies? Would you press ‘F’ to any of them? Or do you think you can add a better video game movie or two? Don’t be shy, and take the time to comment.

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