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The 1980s - 80s music

80s music: 101 interesting things you may not have known

Like it or not, but 80s music is still a huge part of pop culture in the 21st Century. There are still plenty of...
Johnny Clegg Crowd @ Oppikoppi Festival

Oppikoppi festival: 101 Interesting Facts and Funny Stories

The 24th edition of Oppikoppi festival is happening this year in August on that infamous farm near Northam in the Limpopo province of South...
1980s Cartoons

101 Interesting Facts about 1980s Cartoons

If you were born in the 1970s like me, you probably grew up watching 1980s Cartoons. When I think of all of those TV...
South Africa - Flag

South Africa: 101 Interesting Facts you might not know

South Africa is my home and I will always have a great love for it. My country has a rich history, beautiful scenery and...
Music Festival

101 Interesting music festival facts you may not have known

You may have attended at least music festival in your life, but did you know that hundreds of them happen all around the world...

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