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Thoughts on Brand Positioning in the 21st Century and Future Trends

The business world has seen a lot of changes since the beginning of the 21st century. The changes never seem to cease. We've witnessed...
Music Marketing Strategies

6 Music Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Musicians

If you are an aspiring musician looking to make it in 2019, things are a lot tougher for you than they might have been...

My 2 Cents on the Ridiculous Pro E-Toll SANRAL Adverts

We live in a crazy world. Miley Cirus Twerks at the MTV Video Music Awards and she gets more attention than the threat of...

Another Funny Junk Mail Advert

Over the weekend one of my colleagues and friends @DapperTrapper pointed out another funny advert that he found on South Africa's premier Online Classifieds...

Funny Advert on Junk Mail

This morning, my friend and colleague @DapperTrapper spotted an interesting advert on one of South Africa's most popular classifieds websites, Junk Mail. Online classifieds...

2 Funny Gumtree Adverts

Over the last few days some folks have pointed out some funny Gumtree adverts to me. I found 2 of these adverts really funny....

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