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MacBook Pro Display

MacBook Pro 16”: A Nice Choice, but missing things I want

There are many wonderful things to be said about the new MacBook Pro 16” laptop by Apple. It was a long-awaited addition and a...
Apple iTunes

Apple releases new Mac update: Rest In Peace iTunes

Apple’s latest desktop operating system update, macOS Catalina, will mark the official end of iTunes after nearly two decades. According to Apple, along with Catalina’s removal of...
Casio G-Shock GPW2000 Gravity Master

Techy Not Tacky: 4 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches

Technological advancement is making its way into watches, bringing unique features such as temperature sensors, compass, and GPS into play. Wrist watches have come...
Google Pixel 3

The 8 Best Smartphones & Gadgets to buy in 2019

Buying a new Smartphone can be a tricky task. There are several things that you should look at like features, size, RAM, battery life...
Huawei P20 Pro - Smartphones

The 7 Best Smartphones of 2018

Buying a new phone can be a mission. Today we're giving you a list of The 7 Best Smartphones of 2018 to make your...

Apple celebrates the Macintosh’ 30th Birthday (Video)

Apple has been around since 1976 and love them or hate them, they have changed millions of peoples lives, thanks to Steve Jobs' vision...

iPhone tracker app – my trusted parental aide!

It’s safe to say that StealthGenie iPhone tracker has been of tremendous help in the upbringing of my three children. It has helped me through thick...

iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry Users (Infographic)

Today I'm featuring a funny infographic featuring an iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry comparison. I think I'm pretty accurate, but that's only my opinion....

Labels With Accurate Descriptions

There are so many brands and labels around in this day and age. Today I'm featuring Labels With Accurate Descriptions. I found this photo...

The South African iTunes Store is Finally here!

Many of you are probably familiar with iTunes and the iTunes Store. Great news is that the South African iTunes store was finally launched...

Superman, Batman and Spiderman on iPhones

Today is Friday, and I think it would be sweet and fitting to end off this monster of a work week on a lighter...

This Magazine Doesn’t Work! (Video)

Technology truly is amazing. I'm not a huge fan of Tablet PCs like the Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. I don't...

Quotes from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO has died. He was 56 years old. He was an American computer entrepreneur and inventor. The company he...

Apple 5 in 1 Keyring Concept

Here's an Apple Product Concept for you that was brought to my attention by Jarred Pillai (a former colleague of mine): An Apple Keyring that...

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