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The Best Remote Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

OgyMogy: The Best Spy App for Android without Rooting

Are you looking for the best spy app for Android mobile phones? The most advanced Android spy applications rightly available in the spy market...
Anti Snoring Apps

Best Mobile Anti Snoring Applications That Actually Work in 2019

Snoring applications are programming applications which kept running on cell phones like telephones, they record sound data while you rest. These applications for snoring...
Big Data

4 Examples of Big Data Database Revolutionizing Real Life Applications

As we have heard about it, big data is currently revolutionizing the way how organizations work. We're going a bit in-depth to some of...

Instagram Terms of Service Changes

I've always been a fan of the popular photo sharing service Instagram. I don't have an Instagram enabled phone at the moment, but I...

BeachWatch web and iPhone browsing now available

For those of you who did not know: BeachWatch is a free mobile phone application from iSee Software Solutions, that ensures the perfect wave...

Mobile Surf’s App in Cape Town

I'm a Vaalie, not a surfer at all, but I recognize something useful when I see it or hear about. In Cape Town’s notoriously...

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