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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – amo

amo is the 6th studio album of Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon. On this album they now really leave their metalcore roots behind. Of...

A 30 track Deezer playlist to improve your week

It's the first week of June 2016 and winter has arrived in full force in South Africa. I'm freezing my behind off on my...

My Top 30 Songs for 2015

2015 was an interesting year in music. This year saw the release of some amazing albums. It made me realize that there's still good music...

My Top 20 Songs for 2014

Like most years, 2014 has been quite an interesting year in music. This year saw the release of many amazing albums and songs. The Foo...

My Top 22 songs of 2013

Today I'm giving my list of 22 top songs of 2013. This year has truly been an interesting year for music. This year saw...

17 International acts I photographed in 2013

2013 was a great year for live music in South Africa. Today I realized just how lucky I am: I've photographed no less than...

Friday Loud: Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses

Today's Friday Loud tune comes to you from UK metalcore act Bring Me The Horizon (who headlined RAMFest in Johannesburg and Cape Town in...

A Quick Review of RAMFest 2013 Durban from a Competition Winner

Grayson Hale was the winner of the double ticket for RAMFest 2013 Durban on Running Wolf's Rant. Sadly I could not make it this leg...

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