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What’s coming to Netflix in March 2020?

Curious about what's coming your way on Netflix in March 2020? Don't worry, I've got you covered. This article features the full list of...

What’s coming to Netflix in February 2020?

Have you run out of Series / Movies to watch? Relax, there's plenty of content that you can watch that's coming to Netflix in...

What’s coming to Netflix in December 2019?

Wondering what's coming to Netflix in December 2019? Don't worry, I've got you covered. This article contains the full list of TV and movie...

What are the best Netflix Movies to watch?

Wondering what the best Netflix movies to watch are? Don't stress, we've got you covered... It's a fact that Netflix has changed the way people...

What’s coming to Netflix in October 2019?

So, what's coming to Netflix in October 2019? Temperatures are rising and it might be because of all the hot content that's coming your...

What’s Coming To Netflix in August 2019?

The end of July 2019 is approaching and you're probably wondering what's coming to Netflix in August 2019. Don't stress - Today we're giving...

Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer Released

Great Scott! The Zombieland: Double Tap trailer has been released and it's look friggin' awesome. This film (which is a sequel to the 2009...

Netflix releases official trailer for Matt Groening’s Disenchantment

Netflix has released the official trailer for Disenchantment. This adult animated comedy fantasy series will be released on Netflix on the 17th of August...

Full Red Band Trailer released for Super Troopers 2

Great news movie buffs! The long-awaited full trailer for Super Troopers 2 was released yesterday. The film will be released on the 20th of April...

4 Entertainment Ideas For Your Weekend

You put in long days during the week. You’re busy working, managing your home life and trying to make time for you. It’s difficult...

10 Facts: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my favorite comedy films of all time. There are so many memorable lines in this film and...

Brace yourselves for Stone Cold Jane Austen

On the 22nd of May South Africans will have the opportunity to watch the hilarious untold story of one of the greatest bands that...

M-Net Movies Comedy embraces YouTube for stand-up comedy month

I've always been a fan of stand up comedy, and if you're one as well, I have some great news for you. Most competitions...

Dumb and Dumber To trailer released

Remember 1994? Remember Dumb and Dumber? I'm pretty sure that many of you do and that's why it gives me great pleasure to announce that Dumb...

Brace yourselves for some Mind Games

Do you like Mind Games? Well, most of us don't like being the victim of them in relationships and in life in general, but...

22 Jump Street Trailer released

Earlier in this week Columbia Pictures / Sony released a trailer for 22 Jump Street (the sequel to the 2012 film 21 Jump Street)....

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