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Craft Exchange: Live Music Line-up for March 2019

In case you did not know, Craft Exchange is located in Pretoria East. This bar / venue has been around since 2017. Over the last...

Shadowcats: Shadowclub, The Black Cat Bones & Hellcats Live in Pretoria

Shadowcats is happening at Craft Exchange in Pretoria East on the 1st of March 2019. If you're a fan of rock 'n roll, you...

Distilled: Featuring SA Rock legends Wonderboom

In case you did not know, Distilled is a new and exciting weekly YouTube music series of live mini concerts filmed in Pretoria. Each...

Howl CX I – 17 August 2018: Celebrating 10 years of...

Running Wolf's Rant has been around since the 17th of August 2008. We will be celebrating our 10th birthday at Craft Exchange in Pretoria...

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