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International Education

My Personal International Education Experience

This is my Personal International Education Experience... I am a resident of Athens in Greece. I am currently undertaking a law degree from The...

50 Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Choosing argumentative essay topics requires a great deal of tact. Get it wrong and the essay is doomed from the very start. Get it...
Social Media in Classrooms

5 Ways for Teachers to Incorporate Social Media in Classrooms

Kids these days are much more tech-savvy than any previous generation. This is possibly because they grew up in a time when technology surrounded...
Time Management

6 Smart Ways to Teach Students Time Management

Time management is one of the foremost aspects a student needs to consider before starting his/her academic journey. There shouldn’t be any excuse or...
Violin Lessons

9 reasons why kids should take violin lessons

The violin is a magical instrument that allows you to relax and calm down. It doesn't matter if you are listening to music or...
Creative Writing

5 Creative Writing Prompts To Help You Learn A New Language

Grammar and lexicological exercises can only get you so far when you’re learning a new language. Such methods are only helpful when you’re learning...
Education and Technology

Technology and Education: What’s the Connection?

Technology and education are the two most important sectors of life in the modern world. Technology is growing at a rocketing speed and the...

Effective Ways to Use Google for Education

These days it’s impossible to get away from technology, so students and teachers alike are embracing it. There are many ways to use Google...

Study Proves Technology has Transformed Our Society so Rapidly

Technology is an integral part of the modern world. For the past few decades, it has rapidly increased not only in development but also...
Student Disengagement

6 Educational Challenges and Solutions to Tackle Them like a Pro

Working with children in a classroom environment is highly rewarding, but it is also one of the most challenging professional positions. Teachers have a...
Student Motivation

Student Motivation: 10 Tips To Increase It

Beyond the books, assignments and teachings, one thing that helps students succeed and do well in class is motivation. A motivated student will take...
CompTia CASP Certification

CompTIA CASP Certification: Be a Specialist in Cybersecurity

CompTIA or the Computing Technology Industry Association is widely popular for issuing high-level certifications related to Information Technology. It is a non-profit association which...

More Geeky Stuff to embrace your inner geek

The first edition of Geeky Stuff proved to be an extremely popular article on this blog, so I have decided to do another one...

My 2 Cents on the Glenvista High Teacher Assault

Remember High School? Remember having respect for the teachers and the principal at your school? Remember listening to them and learning some valuable life...

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