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Foo Fighters: 10 Facts You Might Not Have Known

Foo Fighters are definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. I was absolutely blown away when they played a show at FNB...

Top 30 tracks of 2017

2017 has turned out to be a great year for music. This year had its ups and downs, but there has been no shortage...

5 Must-Watch Rock Music Documentaries on Netflix

If music is your thang (and we know it is), you probably already know that Netflix offers no shortage of excellent music documentaries with...

Foo Fighters to release new album in September 2017

About two weeks ago rock legends Foo Fighters released a new song entitled "Run" and it blew rock fans all over the globe away....

Foo Fighters Release New Music Video

Great news! Foo Fighters have released a brand new music video for a song called "Run". It's the first new material that they've released...

A 30 track Deezer playlist to improve your week

Yes, it's that's time of the week again, it's time for a 30 track Deezer playlist to improve your week. Last week's playlist featured...

A 30 track Deezer playlist that will improve your week

I have to admit that I've been pretty active on Deezer lately, but instead of just keeping my playlists to myself I thought that...

My Top 20 Songs for 2014

Like most years, 2014 has been quite an interesting year in music. This year saw the release of many amazing albums and songs. The Foo...

My 2 cents on the Foo Fighters at FNB Stadium

Early this year, Big Concerts announced that Foo Fighters would be playing two shows in South Africa in December 2014. Since then I have...

Foo Fighters to tour South Africa in December 2014

The epic moment that many South African rock fans have been waiting for finally arrived today: Big Concerts confirmed that Foo Fighters will be playing...

Friday Loud: Foo Fighters – White Limo

Today's Friday Loud tune comes to you from the Foo Fighters. "White Limo" was released in 2011 on their "Wasting Light" album. When the...

Another Epic Dave Grohl Quote

When it comes to REAL music (not that crappy Nicky Minaj or Justin Bieber tune that you might be humming in your head) there's...

Epic Dave Grohl Quote

Dave Grohl (the Foo Fighters frontman and former drummer of Nirvana) is at it again. This time he is quite vocal about American Idol...

5 Memorable Rock Star Quotes

Last week I posted a Rock Star Yearbook Photo Collection which turned out to be one of the more popular posts on Running Wolf's Rant. I'm keeping...

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