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Football Documentaries: 5 Brilliant Ones You Should Watch

If you have got some time on your hands, then there are a number of excellent football documentaries that you shouldn’t miss on streaming...

Who is soccer’s all-time goal scorers?

Ever asked yourself "Who's on the list of soccer's all-time goal scorers?" - Well today you're going to find out... Soccer’s modern great players Lionel...

Football: 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. It brings joy to millions of fans, while the revenues of football clubs compete...

Who Are The Top 10 Scorers in English Premier League History?

The English Premier League has been in existence since 1992. Many soccer stars hit their gym in the best workout shoes for men, in...

Is online gambling becoming a popular past time amongst South Africans?

It is a well-known fact that South Africans love their sports. The most popular sports in South Africa are rugby, cricket, and more importantly...

Photo Album: Pretoria sport snaps from yesteryear

I've been living in Pretoria for more than 18 years. I really love this city, its people, its sites, its nightlife and its vibe....

6 Interesting facts about Britain

Love them or hate them, the Brits have had a huge impact on society today. Technically Britain (or the United Kingdom) has been a...

20 Facts: The 2010 FIFA World Cup

The month of football madness has finally ended in South Africa. Spain have won the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They beat the Netherlands by...

FIFA is living in the Dark Ages

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is currently being hosted by South Africa. It's the 19th time that the tournament has been hosted (since the...

Photo Album: 2010 FIFA World Cup at Hatfield Square

2 days ago a friend and I ventured into the Public Viewing area in Hatfield Square in Pretoria. We arrived while the game between...

Kit Kat ‘Cross Your Fingers’ FIFA World Cup Advert

This English chocolate bar was first made by Rowntree in the UK and is now made by Nestlé (who bought out Rowntree in 1988)....

20 Things you did not know about the FIFA World Cup

The 19th FIFA World Cup tournament in history starts tomorrow in South Africa and the whole country is feeling the hype surrounding the biggest...

MTV Spooky the Hamster Advert

It's hard to believe that there's less than 3 days left before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa. Hype is...

Heineken Pletterpet Football Advert

Heineken is one of my favorite beers. It looks like the Dutch beer brand is getting the people in The Netherlands hyped up for...

Coca-Cola History of Celebration Advert

The 2010 FIFA World Cup starts in less than 16 days in Johannesburg, South Africa at Soccer City stadium (which has a seating capacity...

Nike ‘Write the Future’ Advert

Nike, the sportswear and sport equipment manufacturer, has released a new football advert ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (which kicks off at...

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