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Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway (Video)

Richard Simmons, is an American fitness personality who promotes weight-loss programs, most famously through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and...

Robin Williams on Whose Line Is It Anyway (Video)

A few years ago Robin Williams appeared on Whose Line Is It Anyway and it was amazing. Today I'm featuring that legendary appearance. Robin Williams...

Funny Netflix South Africa campaign mocks DSTV and goes viral

Great Scott! A funny Netflix South Africa campaign has gone viral via Twitter. The advert features comedian (and comedy club owner) Jason Goliath (who...

New King Price Insurance advert has SA in stitches

A new King Price Insurance advert showing a farmer getting sexy with his tractor has South Africa in stitches. Insurance isn't traditionally an industry...

5 Funny Clips to improve your short work week

It's a short work week in South Africa thanks to Wednesday being a public holiday (Human Rights Day). I'm one of the lucky folks...

5 Funny Clips To Improve Your Week

It's the first week of 2018 and I've already given you 10 Random Funnies to Kick-Start 2018 (so make sure that you check that out),...

10 New Game of Thrones Memes

Season 6 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones aired on HBO on Sunday and by Monday morning the Internet was going crazy. I don't...

Archer reviews every James Bond film (Video)

In case you did not know, Archer is an American adult animated television series created by Adam Reed for the FX network. He was also a...

Trevor Noah’s first monologue on the Daily Show (Video)

South African comedian Trevor Noah took over the Daily Show on Comedy Central from Jon Stewart last night. He's been trying for years to...

Expresso Responds: South Africans Try American Snacks

A week or so ago Buzzfeed posted a video featuring Americans trying South African snacks. The video went quite viral on YouTube and has...

Americans Try South African Snacks (Video)

South Africans love their snacks. Their's nothing on Earth that beats the taste of biltong while you're watching rugby or cricket, nothing on Earth...

Love Advice from Doctor Frank (Video)

I have to admit that I'm not an expert or the best person to ask for advice when it comes to love and relationships....

M-Net Movies Comedy embraces YouTube for stand-up comedy month

I've always been a fan of stand up comedy, and if you're one as well, I have some great news for you. Most competitions...

Taylor Swift gets “attacked” at the Grammy Awards (Video)

This past weekend the 2014 Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center. Daft Punk walked away with no less...

Hilarious Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter on SNL (Video)

The Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter has made it onto on Saturday Night Live on US Television. Last week the Nelson Mandela Memorial took place at...

Kiss Me I’m Desperate (Video)

Aging in the 21st century and being single isn't always easy. I have to admit that I do get desperate from time to time,...

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