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Gadget Review

10 Top Tips for Writing a Gadget Review

Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a gadget before reading up on reviews. Here is how to write a helpful, informative gadget review in 10...
Google Pixel 3

The 8 Best Smartphones & Gadgets to buy in 2019

Buying a new Smartphone can be a tricky task. There are several things that you should look at like features, size, RAM, battery life...
Gadgets - Bluetooth Coffee Maker

10 Essential Gadgets for Students

Digital technology has gone leaps and bounds in various fields, which include gaming, television, information technology, automobile, telecommunication, where a major part of purchases...

Fashion Forward Headphones: Mixing Good Looks with Music

Go a step ahead with some of the best headphones which are trending at present day. Everybody needs to have a headphone which is...

My 2 Cents on Aramex Global Shopper

Since late 2015 I've been struggling to get my geeky paws on an awesome T-shirt that is being sold on Sunfrog.com. I ordered it...

Introducing the Chillsac

Great news! If you are still using an old, decrepit and uncomfortable camping chair for your Oppikoppi, Park Acoustics, Mieliepop, Up The Creek and...

Introducing the Monster Power Card

Now this is pretty awesome... Monster (the world's leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions) has introduced a new and improved way to give you energy...

Top 10 Tech Time Saving Tips from David Pogue (Video)

David Pogue is a technology columnist at the New York Times. He's also an Emmy-winning tech correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning and a columnist for Scientific American. I think...

The TodPod Makes Life A Little Easier

I don't have kids of my own, but I am thinking that I'll get my future kids a TodPod. It's one of the most...

Introducing the new Nike+ Fuelband

Just when you thought that all the gadgets have been invented, someone surprises you once in a while. A few days ago Nike announced the...

Oppikoppi 2011 to Issue “Tap ‘n Go” Cards to Festival Goers

The rustic setting at this year’s Oppikoppi 2011 Unknown Brother Music Festival will strike a harmonious chord with a technological payment innovation. This festival...

Apple 5 in 1 Keyring Concept

Here's an Apple Product Concept for you that was brought to my attention by Jarred Pillai (a former colleague of mine): An Apple Keyring that...

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