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Phone in Hand

9 Apps: A Trending Application Platform

9 Apps, a sub brand of Alibaba Group facilitates downloading of various applications from the whole world. This platform is more commonly used by...
Beyond the Edge (2013)

Top 10 Must See Docudramas

It's a fact that watching a documentary is always a good time spent. Docudramas are a good opportunity to learn a lot about the...
Sai Daggers

7 Intriguing Knives from World History

Weapons are consistently being evolved with advanced technology. Though, knives have stood a long lasting test of time. History has given us unique variations of...

Shop around the world till you drop with Aramex Global Shopper

Looking for a cool gift to give that someone special? Struggling to find that something special in South Africa? Ordering that special item but...

20 Famous People Before You Knew Them (Photos)

I was browsing 9GAG a little earlier today and I stumbled upon this photo collage featuring 20 Famous People Before You Know Them. This...

Photo Album: Skylines of the world’s 10 biggest cities

The world's population officially reached 7 billion in March 2012. We have our fair share of big cities in South Africa, but none of...

World’s 5 Worst Air Disasters

I must confess I've only flown 4 times in my entire lifespan. I also have to confess that the thought of dying in an...

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Today Running Wolf's Rant is featuring quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian political and spiritual leader. He was born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on...

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