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Innibos 2018

My Resensie van Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees 2018

Die Innibos Nasionale Kunstefees in Mbombela (aka Nelspruit), was weer ‘n reuse sukses ten spyte van hoër inflasie, stygende petrol pryse en net die...

My 2 cents on Innibos 2016

Nelsparta is not the small town everyone tends to think it is. It's also not as hot as one would think it would be in...

My 2 Cents on Innibos 2015

It comes and goes and leaves its babalas mark on Nelsparta, it's one week of arts, music, kuier and celebrating not being Afrikaans but...

Guide to Innibos 2015

Nelsparta is busier than ever this week: Yes, it's time for Innibos 2015. There is a whole carnival ride section being built (which looks...

From a Nelspartan: “Take it away Steve Hofmeyr”

So here I am, fresh back in the Lowveld from Cape Town and already I want to go back and live with the goats...

Everything you need to know about Innibos

Many of you have probably heard of Innibos or you've seen some SA rock bands updating their Facebook pages, saying something like "Heading off...

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