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5 Inspiring Stories of Successful College & University Bands

Today I'm delving into history a bit for Inspiring Stories of Successful College & University Bands... College and university is not just a time or...
Damned If I Don't

Damned If I Don’t: 10 Facts you didn’t know

Damned if I Don’t is the new project featuring South African born musician Daniel Stacey Herber. The debut album (Self-Titled) was written, produced and recorded...

Alastair Thomas and Cockles.: 10 facts you didn’t know

In case you forgot, Cockles. makes happy music for sad people. I recently had a chat to frontman Alastair Thomas and he gave me some...

Durge: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

In case you did know, Durge is a Melancholy Infused Psychedelic Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. Some of you might know that...
Beverly Jayne

Beverly Jayne: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Beverly Jayne is a singer-songwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. She began writing songs and playing guitar at the young age of 14. There are probably...
An Awkward Social

An Awkward Social: 10 Facts You didn’t know

A while ago An Awkward Social released a new single entiled "Games". It's the title track on his debut album. You've probably heard about...
Josh Middleton

Josh Middleton: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

In case you didn't know, Josh Middleton is a 15 year old singer, songwriter from South Africa. With an ear for music and pure...
Jon Shaban

Jon Shaban: 10 facts you didn’t know

In case you didn't know, Jon Shaban is a Cape Town based singer songwriter. He released his second solo album in June 2018. He embarked...
Oooth - Jason Oosthuizen - Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Oooth & Jason Oosthuizen: The Lowdown

This morning Jason Oosthuizen's solo project Oooth released their debut album. The album is entitled Who Cares What You Think. and is available on...
Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters: 10 Facts You Might Not Have Known

Foo Fighters are definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. I was absolutely blown away when they played a show at FNB...
Music Rights

Music Rights: 5 Facts That You Should Know

If you write songs or record music, you’re part of an exciting industry of artists that can inspire individuals, companies, and, yes, even the...

Bittereinder: 10 Facts You May Not Have Known

Bittereinder has always been one of my favorite live acts. I had the privilege of seeing them performing numerous times at venues like Arcade...

AC/DC: 10 Facts You May Not Have Known

Are you a fan of Hard Rock legends AC/DC? They've been around for so long and there are probably a few things that you...
Pedro Barbosa

Pedro Barbosa: 10 things you did not know

Pedro Barbosa release his debut solo album entitled "Reborn" earlier in 2018. When he's not playing solo gigs around Gauteng, he's also the frontman...

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