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Hilarious Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter on SNL (Video)

The Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter has made it onto on Saturday Night Live on US Television. Last week the Nelson Mandela Memorial took place at...

Oh What a Wonderful World

September the 11th will always be remembered as the day that the USA and the world watched in great horror as two passenger aeroplanes...

Gun Control: Can the Gun Shoot Itself?

So here goes. My first opinion piece.  I struggled to find an apt topic, one which I could write and write and you, the...

A Collection of Obama Memes

Today I'm featuring some Obama Memes, so brace yourself. In case you have been living under a rock this week: Barack H. Obama was...

Obama Wins Election – Will things really change?

Democratic Presidential candidate, Barrack Obama beat the Republican candidate, John McCain earlier this week in the US Presidential Election. He will be sworn in...

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