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JARR Bar & Restaurant: Live Music Line-up for July 2019

June 2019 was a lekker month filled with great live music performances at JARR Bar & Restaurant. Kudos to each and every one of...
Pedro Barbosa

JARR Bar & Restaurant: Live Music Line-up for April 2019

March 2019 featured memorable performances by great artists at JARR Bar & Restaurant. In April 2019 this trend continues at one of my favourite...
Recording Studios 5th Birthday Party

Win tickets to the Recording Studios 7th Birthday Party!

In case you forgot, the Recording Studios 7th Birthday Party is happening on the 16th of June at the Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg...

Review: Misty Waters Festival 2018

Misty Waters Festival is a 3 day Mystical Music Festival that takes place on the beautiful grounds of Lake Umuzi in Secunda. The festival is...
Peter Toussaint

Album Review: Peter Toussaint – One Day

The CD I'm about to review is my band mate, Peter Toussaint's solo album "One  Day".  Now this might sound like I’m a bit...

Answers to “What do you like about music?”

Music has been around for thousands of years. I think Plato expressed my love (and your love for music) best when he wrote: "Music...

An Evening with the Barbosa Experience

When the chance presented itself to interview the members of The Barbosa Experience I jumped at it. Actually I leapt at it like a...

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