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Interesting Tweople: Brett Schewitz

Brett Schewitz (@SchweppsRocka) is a professional live music photographer and record label man based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Brett started...

10 Useful Tips To Become A Better Photographer

Struggling to take photos? Want to know what to do? Here are 10 ways to help you become a better photographer. I trust that...

Introducing The Camera Sutra

Many of you reading this are probably familiar with the Kama Sutra, but I doubt that you've heard of the Camera Sutra. A while...

Interesting Tweople: Christelle Duvenage

Today it's time to add someone to the Interesting Tweople list on Running Wolf's Rant. @StellaTeleur (Christelle Duvenage) is one of the best photographers that...

Interesting Tweople: Barry Tuck

Today's post in the Interesting Tweople section features @BarryTuck. Over the past decade @BarryTuck has developed a reputation as one of the most respected...

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