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52 Things that you can do instead of watching Reality TV

It's the year 2017 and I have a question. Why the hell is Reality TV still a thing? I don't watch it so I...

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election

The time will tell who will be the front-runner for the president post in 2019 South African General Elections, but merits must be evaluated...

The year that was 2016

I want to start off by saying that 2016 was an interesting year. Not only did this crazy year see the death of actors...

My Heart and Soul goes out to South Africa

I am the eternal optimist, the girl who carries my South Africa tattoo with pride, the girl who runs social media pages promoting the...

From a Nelspartan: “Take it away Steve Hofmeyr”

So here I am, fresh back in the Lowveld from Cape Town and already I want to go back and live with the goats...

My X, Your Doos: An Elections 2014 Opinion

Folks, it's that time once again! That time when you receive strange texts in the middle of the night or during your midday office...

This Is It: The Summer of Our Discontent

For a while now I’ve been sat on the sidelines of the blogosphere – much to the consternation of my editor, Henno Kruger. Yes he’d send...

Oh What a Wonderful World

September the 11th will always be remembered as the day that the USA and the world watched in great horror as two passenger aeroplanes...

An Open Letter to Sunette Bridges and her followers

Hi Sunette & your team (of racist followers) I’m a young, virile, white, Afrikaans man. Unfortunately I have to write this letter in English.  I’m...

A Collection of Margaret Thatcher Quotes

Margaret Thatcher (the former British Prime Minster) passed away at age 87 today. She was globally known as "The Iron Lady" (a nickname given...

My 2 Cents on the R40 million website debacle

I've been monitoring the progress on the whole R40 million website debacle over the last week or so. In case you've been living under...

Epic Bill Hicks Quote

A while ago I featured an Epic Bob Marley Quote on this blog, today its the turn of legendary comedian, Bill Hicks. I may...

A Collection of Obama Memes

Today I'm featuring some Obama Memes, so brace yourself. In case you have been living under a rock this week: Barack H. Obama was...

Black Tuesday: A Sad Day for Democracy in South Africa

Earlier this afternoon the South African National Assembly approved the controversial Protection of State Information Bill (also referred to as the Secrecy Bill) in...

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