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10 Facts: The Inspector Cluzo

If you went to Oppikoppi Odyssey this year and you missed The Inspector Cluzo, you missed out on an orgy of no-nonsense, in-your-face rock...

A farewell tribute to Wrestlerish

Yesterday SA Music fans received some sad news. This message was posted on the Wrestlerish Facebook Page: "Dear friends, After 3 albums, countless tours and...

RAMfest 2014 Johannesburg: My Experience

I've been excited for this day since I started counting down the days on 187 days. The day has finally arrived, the day I've...

A foreign girl’s perspective on RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg

A few weeks ago Evelien won the RAMFest CD hamper on Running Wolf's Rant. She promised that she would share her views about RAMFest...

My 2 Cents on RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg

This past weekend I made my way to RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg for what can be described as a weekend jam-packed with rain, sunshine, mud...

Photo Album: Biffy Clyro @ RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg

Biffy Clyro played at RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg on Friday night. Their set kicked off at 11 PM (an hour after Foals finished their Indie-driven...

4 useful tips for RAMFest 2014

RAMFest 2014 is only 2 days away and I think that it's about time I give you 4 useful tips for this coming weekend....

Friday Loud: Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier

The first Friday Loud tune of 2014 is by a Scottish rock band who released one of the best albums of 2013, Biffy Clyro....

17 International acts I photographed in 2013

2013 was a great year for live music in South Africa. Today I realized just how lucky I am: I've photographed no less than...

10 Awesome Music Festival Photos

If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know that I'm a huge fan of music festivals. I've been to 15 Oppikoppi festivals,...

4 Epic Photos That I Took of International Acts in 2012

2012 was one of the busiest years that I've had. I took many pictures that some folks have called Epic Photos. I went to...

My 2 Cents on RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg

About 2 weeks ago I attended RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg at Riversands Farm. It was the third year in a row that this festival was...

Photo Album: Rise Against at RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg

Some of you may have forgotten already, but Rise Against played at RAMFest this year. I was one of the lucky few to photograph...

A Quick Review of RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg from a Competition Winner

RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg was a blast. I'm pretty sure that many of you will agree with me. I still have to post my full...

A Quick Review of RAMFest 2013 Durban from a Competition Winner

Grayson Hale was the winner of the double ticket for RAMFest 2013 Durban on Running Wolf's Rant. Sadly I could not make it this leg...

3 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg

RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg kicks off today at Riversands Farm in Fourways and I'm pretty amped up about it. I'm so excited that I may...

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