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Coolest Restaurant in Centurion - Capital Craft

And the Coolest Restaurant in Centurion is…

It is finally here, the non-awaited Coolest Restaurant awards! Running Wolf’s Rant is proud to present this award. Criteria we looked at in awarding this prestigious...
Woodstock Urban Pizzeria - Pretoria Restaurants

10 Pretoria Restaurants that you should check out

I've been living in the capital city for the past 22 years. Needless to say, I've definitely been to my fair share of Pretoria...

Enjoy the Best Fusion Food at Wasabi

I am a modern girl. I love food and trying out new things which is why fusion food is my favourite type of food....

My 2 Cents on Honey Badger Bistro

On Saturday morning I made way to the Honey Badger Bistro for the very first time. I was impressed with the awesome layout of...

6 Reasons Why Pretoria is NOT a Boring City

I've been a resident of the capital city for almost 17 years. I have to admit that I love living in Pretoria. It has...

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