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11 Effective Social Media Presence Improvement Strategies

Curious about Social Media Presence Improvement Strategies? You've come to the right place. Today's article covers this in detail. Never underestimate the power of Social...

6 Important Digital Marketing Strategy Factors

Today, the overall brand marketing game has changed significantly over the years! Hence, media consumption is an essential aspect in developing the presence of...

6 Tips For Writing An Effective Social Media Bio

Social media bios are short - this means that they are easy and simple to write. At least that’s what you thought before you...

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you should avoid making

Social Media Marketing is not uncommon nowadays. It's something that happens on a daily basis. Unfortunately a lot of people are doing it wrong....

Funny Netflix South Africa campaign mocks DSTV and goes viral

Great Scott! A funny Netflix South Africa campaign has gone viral via Twitter. The advert features comedian (and comedy club owner) Jason Goliath (who...

Oppikoppi Survival Tips that will enhance your festival experience

Are you a Koppi virgin? Today I'm offering your Oppikoppi survival tips (sourced from social media) and my essential tips to survive South Africa's...

5 Funny Clips to improve your short work week

It's a short work week in South Africa thanks to Wednesday being a public holiday (Human Rights Day). I'm one of the lucky folks...

Twitter Basics for newbies

Today I'm giving you some Twitter Basics because there are still people out there who have heard about Twitter, but don't know how to...

16 Game of Thrones Season 7 Memes (Contains Spoilers)

Game of Thrones Season 7 is in full swing and it's turning out to be a great season so far. So many cool things...

Planet Earth celebrates Back To The Future Day

Great Scott! It's the 21st of October 2015 and if you grew up during the 1980's, you'll remember that is the date that Back...

10 Hilarious @50NerdsOfGrey Tweets

"What if a nerd wrote 50 Shades of Grey?" is probably the question the person who created the @50NerdsOfGrey parody Twitter account asked before...

Oppikoppi described by Movie Titles

Oppikoppi 2015 The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos is less than 20 days away and excitement is mounting for what promises to be one of...

25 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners from SA Bloggers

Thinking of starting your own blog? Well, if you're in the dark you've come to right place. A while ago I asked the members...

5 Tips to Minimize Your Digital Life

Hi. My name is Justen and I’m a tech addict. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for things that...

15 Hilarious #MugabeFalls Memes

The Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe (now aged 90) tripped and fell as he descended the steps at Harare International Airport yesterday on his return...

5 tips to determine your Social Media goals for 2015

Think for a moment and ask yourself: "What are my social media goals for this year?"  Make yourself a strong cup of coffee and...

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