Home Humor Trevor Noah’s first monologue on the Daily Show (Video)

Trevor Noah’s first monologue on the Daily Show (Video)


South African comedian Trevor Noah took over the Daily Show on Comedy Central from Jon Stewart last night. He’s been trying for years to break into the US Market and he’s FINALLY made it.

The show aired on Comedy Central Africa (DSTV channel 122) at 9 PM tonight. Great news is that Multichoice is opening the channel for a week from 28 September to DSTV Compact subscribers so that they can watch the start of show.

Before he took over the show, Jon Stewart gave Trevor Noah some solid advice: “Make your show. Make your best version of it.” “His suggestions were very simple and yet very difficult to decipher” Noah told the New York Times. He also called him “Jewish Yoda” and also said that Stewart told him to “Make the best show that you feel needs to be made. And trust your discomfort.”

I think that if you check out the clip below (which features Noah’s first Monologue on the Daily Show) you’ll agree that he totally nailed it.

So, what do you think? Will Trevor Noah stun the audiences in the USA with his comedic ability or will he fail miserably? Leave a comment and let us know in the comments.

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